Busy Life These Days

Well, time for my monthly post…LOL. No, life’s just been crazy lately!!! Busy, busy, busy! Geez! Good busyness, which is good, but still busy. Let’s see. It all began when…when summer hit pretty much! We’ve been running the kids all around mostly, not to mention the garage sale we just had last weekend. That was a huge part of my busyness last week! We started by taking the stuff out of storage last Saturday. Ben brought over his dad’s trailer, which was a huge help, but we still had 5 loads!!!! Then Trisha and I spent the week, during the evenings after I got out of work, to sort through it all, clean it, and put prices on it. We only had 2 truck loads of garbage, and I took 3 boxes of stuff to keep plus some odds and ends home. Not too bad for a storage unit full of stuff! We had a lot of traffic on Friday, I sold about $200. So, I was excited about it and though I would sell tons more on Saturday. But, no. Saturday, we just didn’t have as much traffic. Oh, and did I mention that the forecast for Friday was clear and no precipitation??? HOWEVER! Right about 5 o’clock, when we were getting ready to bring the stuff in, it started POURING! I mean pouring! Trisha and I quickly covered all the tables up, then we carried everything into the garage! We were so drenched! A couple that came to the sale on Saturday mentioned that they saw us trying to get everything in out of the rain! Why didn’t they stop and help??? Just kidding. I probably wouldn’t have either. Oh well, we only lost a couple of small things, and a couple of mis-matched sheets in the rain, due to wetness. We were able to keep most everything dry, and some stuff was fine after drying out. Luckily we had a tarp in the back of the van to throw over the computer stuff to keep it completely dry. Ethan survived the garage sale. Most people wanted to buy him! We said he was priceless, of course. Some wanted to buy Trisha and Ben’s dog, Ava. She too is priceless, especially to Ben. Well, at least I earned enough money to have fun at the Big Ticket this weekend.

Speaking of the Big Ticket, Jeff, the kids and I, are all signed up as volunteers! So, since we are working 5-6 hours each day, we get our tickets free!!! Hallelujah! Jeff and I are working the prayer tents, and the kids are working the merch tents. They will have fun doing that, and as I understand it, the merch tent is right between two of the stages, so if one of their fave bands is playing they can either leave to go watch or at least hear them from the tent.

Well, I should go for now! Will try to update more often! (I know, I know, I say that all the time…but I really will try!)

God bless!!!!

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