It’s about darn time I posted a blog…LOL

My good friend Tishia left a comment on myspace and said I need to get blogging…so here I am blogging! I’m sure it will be totally random because I don’t have a topic in mind like I usually do when I begin a blog.

Kaleb and Karlie are in the bathroom straightening Kaleb’s hair. They are so funny. I will have to post some pics on myspace and flickr when they are done so you all can see.

Speaking of hair, Karlie and I got ours “done” on Tuesday. Karlie got hers colored to a deep dark, almost black, brown. No cutting or anything because she has to have “normal” hair for her school play coming up in May. But she really likes it, and it looks really good on her. Mine is also dark, not quite as dark as Karlie’s, but I got it CHOPPED!!! Not a chop job, mind you, but cut short. Not super short, but shoulder length with layers. It’s cute and flippy-outty (yes that is a word…LOL) and I really needed the change. I’ve been told it makes me look younger. Jeff seems to really like it. He even stated that my long hair was looking scraggly at time…gee thanks honey! Just kidding I know it was, which is one of the reasons I wanted it cut off.

Work is going quite well. I’ve closed one loan this month already, another one closing Monday and another closing on the 12th. Plus I have about 4 more in the pipeline that will close eventually, if not this month. I just gotta get the momentum going now and keep the ball rolling!

The weather is CRAPPY!!!!!!!!!! Hello, it’s spring break for crying out loud. It’s supposed to be sunny and warm!!!! Not cold and blowing snow!!!!!! Geeminy Christmas!!! Enough about that!!!!

ATF is coming up!!!! Yeah!!!!! This year I’ve been able to help out more with getting everything organized, which is something I like. I just wish there was more communication between the “leaders”, so I could be more efficient with what’s going on and stuff. It’s just crazy though, all the details involved and trying to get it organized somewhat efficiently! Craziness!!!!

Brandon is doing well. Still in jail. But, he’s been doing a lot of reading, Christian books and so on. He is looking forward to the Big Ticket coming to Gaylord in June. He gets out May 28.

Karlie has been “encouraging” me to work out. We’ve worked out together the last 2 nights and this morning. We do a dance workout to a DVD I have. It’s quite fun, especially with Karlie. Now, if I can keep it up, even when she is at her dads. I’ll try.

I’ve been trying to eat better too. Definitely been eating out less, so that should help a lot! Budget wise too!

I guess that’s it for now! I’ll try to post more often!!!!

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