Update on Brandon and more

Hello family and friends!

Today is Monday, February 26, 2007. I am working from home today. I planned to take today off from work because I thought I’d be a Kaleb’s ski race. Well, he is not eligible to race due to his grades. So, we are working on helping him get his grades up. Not only for skiing, but for future events, as well. He would like to play tennis this spring, so we want to make sure he keeps those grades up…

Anyway, Brandon’s sentencing date is March 2, aka this Friday. I’ve written a letter to the judge, via Brandon’s attorney. We want to make sure it’s not counter productive. I haven’t heard from the attorney yet, as to what changes I should make, but I do know he received it, being that I sent it email and received a “read receipt” back. He received it Thursday the receipt said. I basically walked the judge through Brandon’s progress, via excerpts from Brandon’s own words, aka the letters he’s written me. I pray the judges eyes will be open to see that Brandon has truly changed, and will give sentence him accordingly. I’m praying for God’s will to be done in Brandon’s life, and for God to lay it on the judges heart exactly what he needs to continue his walk with God, for healing, and to better his life through God. So, please pray for that as well.

Our new dog is doing well. She seems to be adjusting to our crazy life pretty good~amazingly enough. She is a real good natured dog, mild mannered~most of the time. Except when we get home. We put her in her cage while we are gone because she will probably try to get into stuff, or chew on things she shouldn’t. So, when we get home, she gets all excited, and starts whinning and barking, until we let her out, and then she runs and usually slides on the carpet runner we have in the dining room. She’s pretty funny. She likes to chase her blue and orange balls too. It’s funny to watch her go sliding across the linoleum in the kitchen! Sometimes she slides right into a chair. Silly girl!

Karlie’s been at her dad’s the past two weeks and Kaleb has been at our house. I think they’ve both decided one week just wasn’t long enough, so we are now on a two week schedule. It’s okay for us, other than it seems like I haven’t seen Karlie in forever.

My job is going okay. I love that I get to work from home. I do have 2 loans going right now, but I could sure use more. I’ve been praying that if this is what I’m supposed to do, that God will provide the borrowers! I know I have to do my part, like get out and visit realtors, make those calls to the leads I get, and I do do that stuff. I just have to keep pressing on! If it’s not God’s will for me, for us, then He will open the door to what I am supposed to be doing, even if it’s being a stay at home mom. That is really my heart’s desire, but I know I, we, have to be very disciplined in our spending, our other house has to sell, and so on. But, part of me, most of me, is feeling like I need to be a stay at home for when Brandon is out, so I can take care of him and my other kids too, and my house, and my husband, and the dog…LOL. Anyway, I’m praying about all of this, so if you feel so lead, pray too!

God bless!!

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