Update on Brandon

Hello world. I just wanted to get an update out there for those keeping track of the situation going on with Brandon.

He’s doing good, over all, relatively speaking, for being where he is. He’s been reading a lot of books on building his relationship with God, and he’s been reading the bible we took to him. He really enjoys getting letters, and he’s been writing a lot of letters too. I got 3 in one day! He’s also been writing songs/poems, which I have been privledged to see! (He said he doesn’t normally show his work to other – that’s why I’m the mom…lol.)

His plea date is Friday at 9am. I haven’t heard from the attorney yet, as to what exactly his plea is going to be, but be praying for him. I guess his sentencing will be a couple of weeks after the plea is entered. Then we will write letters to the judge, asking for as little jail time as possible, so hopefully he can get the help he needs. Brandon said the more letters the better, from people who really want to help him out, and the more family and friends in the court room the better, because that shows he has our support to help him get better too.

So, please keep praying for him, and I will keep you posted!

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