Life, or something like it

Isn’t that a title to a movie? I think so, but oh well; I just wanted to blog about life, and I thought that was a catchy title for my blog.

As you may or may not have read on my previous blog about Christmas, New Year and Life, my son, Brandon, got into more trouble over the holiday. I figured I’d go into detail about it here, so you can pray for him, and/or offer any tips, advice, etc.

December 19, Brandon was released from house arrest, after serving 3 months, plus one month in rehab. December 29, a short 10 days, he was drinking again. He was at the hottub at Boyne Mountain, and his friend was passed out in his truck. Someone called the cops and complained that there was a drunk man passed out in hist truck in the parking lot. Brandon, being in the state of mind he was, decided he’d move the truck. And of course, while doing so, the cops pulled up and busted him for DUI and driving without a license. So, they threw his butt in jail. He called and asked us to bail him out. Jeff and I decided that wouldn’t be the best thing for him. Fortunately, his dad, his dad’s friends (who bailed him out the first time he got in trouble), and Jeff and I are on the same page as far as bailing him out goes. He is facing at least a year in jail, if not more. I spoke to him on the phone yesterday, and he sounded down. He asked if we could hire an attorney for him, but I told him we can’t afford that right now, not with two mortgages! I also told him that everyday he has to make a choice whether to drink or not. And he said he needs help making the right choice, that it’s hard for him. I told him that we are going send him some books to help him when it comes to making choice…Battlefield of the Mind, by Joyce Meyer, and a journal called Everything Counts. He seemed open to that, and he even said he needs God. I also told him to pray, to pray for God to provide all his needs, and to help give him strength, that God can give you strength that you don’t even think you could possibly have. I just hope he listened, at least a little, and starts taking small steps to get in touch with God. I know that if he lets God in his life, God can heal him from his addiction.

So, be praying for healing for him, and like I said, if you have any advice or tips, positive only please, feel free to leave them.

God loves you and so do I!

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