I Got My First Ticket EVER today!!!!

Oh, I’m so maaaaaadddddd!!!!! I was driving home from work and this police car was following me, pretty close, too. I have just recently learned not to get nervous when a cop is behind or beside me, because I used to get nervous and they could somehow tell, so they would pull me over just for being nervous. Actually, I’ve never been pulled over for it, but I imagined they would. Anyway, I wasn’t nervous because I didn’t have anything to be nervous about! But, wouldn’t you know it, the flashing red and blue lights came on, so I pulled over. I wanted to get off the road, so I pulled into the nearest parking lot, and wouldn’t you know it, it was in front of Alpine Computers where Chris Scheer works. If he saw me, or if he reads this blog now, he will never ever let me live it down!

So, the cop walks up to my van, and I innocently ask him why he pulled me over, after he asked to see my driver’s license, registration and insurance. He replied, “Why did I pull you over? Because you have expired tags on your plate.” I said, “What??? They shouldn’t be expired.” “September 06 is when they expired,” he said. Well after checking my DL, reg., and Ins., (I didn’t feel like typing all those words out) he came back with a ticket in his hand. I gave him a pouty lip! He asked me before he went back to his car if I had a good driving record, and I proudly said, “Yes I do!” He looked suspiciously at me! LOL. Oh, and not to mention he’s like 12!!!! Okay, not really, but he sure was young! I tried to explain to him that when we bought the van that we were pretty sure the car salesman told us we had over a year on the new plate! When I called Jeff after the young officer let me go, he even stated that he thought we did too, and that we never got anything from the Secretary of State to renew the plate! So, I am ticked! I have to call the stupid District Court tomorrow to find out how much its going to cost. I think I will go after the car dealership too to let them know!!!! They’re going to get a piece of my mind if they screwed this up!!!! Dang it!

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