Yesterday was Brandon’s court date. It was supposed to be a preliminary hearing, but that was waived. It was waived because the prosecuting attorney won’t reduce his charges to less than 3 DUI’s, which is a felony. And they won’t give him Drug Court because he’s already had a month in rehab, plus 90 days on house arrest, so they won’t give him anything outside of jail. So, he is facing at least 6 months in jail, if not more. So, please be praying for him, that he continues to seek God, and draws closer to God, and that he will get the least amount of jail time possible.

It’s so hard seeing him, in those orange clothes and in handcuffs! No mom should ever have to see her child like that. Be praying that God heals him of his alcohol and drug addictions, too.

God bless.

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