What’s Been Going on in Our World

Well, its been a while since I posted anything! I figure I better get everyone caught up on my life, cuz I know you all are dyin’ to know what’s been going on….LOL!
Anywho! I started my new job at Well Fargo Home Mortgage July 1, and have been training ever since! It’s awesome! I love my new job and the training is fabulous….truly, it is. I fly out to Minneapolis on Monday for 4 days! I will be back Thursday night, so just be praying for safety during travel. But, Wells Fargo is such a great company to work for and to do business with! They have awesome programs and products for everyone and anyone who is trying to buy their first home, second home, investment property or whatever. So, if you know of anyone wanting or needing home financing, please send them my way! I work in the Gaylord office.
And, I’m so excited about this part!!! Jeff and I bought a new house! In Boyne Falls, so my kids can finally live with me again! Our house here in Gaylord hasn’t sold yet, but we felt lead to put in an offer on this house we really love. So we did, contingent upon us selling our house in Gaylord, by Nov. 15. Well, the seller came back and said he would give us a better deal if we could move faster. So, we prayed about it for a day, and felt like this is God’s answer to our prayers. We’ve been praying for God to open the door so we could move to Boyne Falls, so my kids can live with me again, and sure enough, we got a really great deal on the house! So, keep praying this house sells, because, while we can afford 2 house payments, it will make things pretty tight.
I called Kaleb and Karlie last night to tell them, and they were sooooo excited!!! They were so happy! That made me feel really good. Because, it’s been hard not living with my kids these past 3 years. Karlie lived with me one year after I moved to Gaylord, but she missed her friends and Concord too much. So, she went to live with her dad over in Boyne. But, God sure has a way of working everything out for the good of those who love him! And now I get my kids back and a cute house to boot! God is sooooooo good!!!!
What else???!!! Oh, Trisha and Ben bought a house too!!! They are so excited about that too. It’s here in Gaylord. It’s a cute 2 bedroom, with the possiblity of a 3rd. Large living room, dining room and kitchen. 2 car garage. (Our new house doesn’t even have a garage). It’s really cute and perfect for them.
Trisha’s baby is doing well, growing big in her belly. She and Ben had their birthing class today. They opted for a one day, all day class as opposed to several shorter classes, spread over several weeks. We are planning the shower, Ben’s mom and I. It will be fun and cute.
Well, I guess that’s about it on the catching up! Tata for now!

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