What is wrong with this world???

Okay, so my last post I didn’t have anything that exciting to post about. This post is different, maybe not “exciting” but it may get some wheels a turnin!

I finished my laundry, and decided to sit and turn on the tv. Mind you, I am never home usually on a weekday at this time of day. It’s 4:30 in the afternoon. Oprah is on. I like Oprah, used to anyway. There is a married couple on there talking about how they have an “open” relationship. They go out and find other people to have sex with. They are all fine and good with this. They were talking about how it doesn’t upset the other to see their marriage partner with another man/woman and if that other person “hits their buttons”, then it makes them happy to see their mate happy. That is so wrong!!!! God created, yes God created marriage to be one man and one woman. Not out there having sex with other people!!!! He created Eve for Adam, He didn’t create Eve and other women for Adam!!!! It just goes to show where this world is going to!

Then I flipped the channel and there was Ellen Degenerous (sp?). She’s a known lesbian. I didn’t even stay there for more than a second. Not that I have anything against anyone who is gay or lesbian. God says to love ALL people, and I love the people, I just don’t like or agree with their way of life. They were not created by God that way, they have just been deceived by Satan into thinking that’s how they were made. The Bible says all were wonderfully made in God’s image, God being the creator of Adam and Eve, his very first creation, is how He intended us to be. Not two women or two men together…one man, one woman!

Once again, it just goes to show where this world is going…think about it…most of all pray about it!

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