Catching up

Okay! I know it’s been forever since I posted a blog! I’ve been busy with work, church, Emmaus, Youth, and home life. So, I am taking this opportunity to catch the world up on…well…me. LOL. Jeff is on midnights YUK! and is sleeping right now, and, yes, I am home on a Wednesday afternoon. Hmmmm! Highly unlikely isn’t it?? Well, last night, you see, I could not sleep at all! I went to bed at 11:00 and woke up with a start at 1:04! Some loud “slamming door” noise jolted me out of my slumber! Jeff and I have both experienced it lately, and were not sure what it is. It could be trees and such, since we do live in the woods. But why does it have to happen in the middle of the night? Or when we are sleeping?? Jeff is on midnights and he was telling me it happened to him the other day too! I don’t know, but after that I was trying to go back to sleep and then another noise, a different noise, a crackling of paper noise woke me up, or kept me up I should say. Then, I was laying there trying to get back to sleep, and I had the most unusual feeling ever! I felt like someone or something was lifting me up, off the bed! I can’t even describe what it was other than I felt really light, almost like I was fainting, but I was laying down. I opened my eyes, and I was almost fearing I was levetating, but I wasn’t, I was still on the bed. So, then I began praying in Jesus name against any evil spirits there might be in the house, and sang a few words from a worship song, with Jesus name in it, out loud. I tell you, I felt kinda silly at first, but after I did that, I sure felt more at peace! But, then as I tried to go back to sleep, I heard more noises, I kept having weird dreams that would wake me up and I just did not sleep all night. So, when the radio came on at 6:30, I called into work, because there was no way I was going to be functional. Then, I tried to go back to sleep, tossed and turned some, then Jeff came in at 8:30 or so, and then we went to sleep. I slept till almost noon, with some tossing and turning. I finally decided to get out of bed, came downstairs to check my email, myspace, mybattlecry, and now blog.

So, now that you know how my night went, here’s how the rest of my life has been going. Let’s see. We have the house on the market, and have had 3 showings on it. My realtor said if we have 8 showings, we should get an offer. ( guess thats the ratio for real estate showings). Everyone likes the house, but comment on how much stuff we have…lol!!! You try to squeez two house-holds into one and see how much stuff you have. I know, we do need to purge, we realize this, it’s a matter of time and schedules as to why we have not gotten very far on that yet.

We have looked at a couple of houses over in Boyne City and Boyne Falls. We really like the one in Boyne Falls, except the location isn’t the greatest…it’s right next to the trailer park. Our realtor says that will effect the re-sale value if we ever decide to sell it. So, we are weighing our options, and of course we can’t do anything until this house sells. So, please be praying it sells sooooooon, so I can get over there with my kids.

Speaking of kids, they are doing well. Kaleb is running in track, and for a freshman, running against mostly seniors, he’s doing very well!!! He is very fast, and his coach says he will be a star if he stick with it through his senior year.

We just went and watched Karlie’s dance revue Friday, and then her band concert was last night. She is very talented! She can dance, sing and act!!! And not just mediocre either! She does all 3 very well, and will probably have lead parts in drama by her senior year. She is going to be a freshman next year. Her eighth grade graduation is June 5. I’m so proud of my kids!

Trisha is doing well with her pregnancy. Her cute little belly is poking out now, and she feels the baby move alot, although we can’t feel it with our hands yet. She is feeling well most of the time, with some random puking here and there…lol.

Brandon is back living with his dad in Boyne Falls. So that will be another plus when we get moved over there. He broke up with his girlfriend, which is a good thing really. She tended to bring him down, instead of lifting him up. So, now he can move on to bigger and better things!

Youth ministry has been going well. I’ve joined myspace so I can keep up with the kids, and hopefully spread some good into their lives, give them encouragement when they need it. I hope to be an adult they can look up to and turn to for advice and encouragement.

Emmaus has been going well too. You may or may not know, but I am on the board for our local group. It is a working board, and I am in charge of candlelight and sponsor’s hour. The next women’s walk coming up in September, I will be the Board Rep. That means I will sit in the conference room and make sure the walk goes according the manual as much as possible. It should be an interesting position, that I’ve never done before. Jeff has on 2 men’s walks, so he can give the low-down…lol.

Oh, and what’s up with American Idol??? It’s down to Taylor and McPhee! It’s gotta be Taylor!!!!!!! I sure hope he wins. Kat is okay, but something about her just bugs me. Taylor is just natural, and he’s out there just being himself, with all his natural ability. Go Taylor!!!! I really wanted Paris to win!!! That girl can sing! Then Chris was my next choice. He rocks!

Diet. What Diet????

Exercise. Eh. We do good when Jeff is on days, as far as getting up and doing it, but when he’s on mids (like now) I don’t get my butt out of bed, and I really need to!!! I feel so much better when I get up and exercise and do my devotionals. I have been taking my bible and journal to work to read and write in at lunch, but I don’t always have time on my lunch to do that because of errands I have to run.

Well, I suppose this is long enough for now. I need to go make our camping lists for camping this weekend!!! How fun is that???!!!

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