Issues. Why did I name this blog Issues? Because there are some issues that I want to speak out about on my blog. So far, my blog has been mostly about me, Jeff, my kids, youth ministry, and personal things really. But I have things on my mind I want to get out there.

Abortion has been a topic on my mind lately. I found this article “Who is Jane Roe?” and was amazed and blessed by it. The woman who went to court to fight for her “reproductive rights” (as they are called today) is now anti-abortion. How could she change her mind? What made the difference? She allowed God into her life.

If you read the article, you can see that the pro-choicer’s are not happy about the decision. Read the quote from the article below:

“When [Norma] McCorvey (Jane Roe’s real name) announced her change of heart
on the issue, Kate Michelman, president of the National Abortion and
Reproductive Rights Action League, said in a statement: The Roe vs. Wade
decision “isn’t about any single individual. It is about the freedom of all
women to make reproductive decisions free from government intrusion.” “

Reproductive decisions?!? Murder is not a reproductive decision. Abstinence and using birth control, those are forms of reproductive decisions. Oh, there are those who don’t think or believe that abortion is murder, but if you examine the scriptures, and when you have a personal relationship with God, your eyes will be opened to the truth. I love the saying, “It’s true whether you believe it or not.” Abortion is murder in God’s eyes, whether you believe it or not. If you are reading, and you have had an abortion in the past, God still loves you!!! He is a loving, forgiving God, and if you just go to Him in prayer, and ask His forgiveness, He will immediately forgive you and free you!

Yes, I know there are rape cases, etc., but that is still a life that’s been conceived and that child deserves a chance to live! There are so many people in the world, unable to have children, who would love to adopt. I know the adoption situation isn’t perfect. But there are other alternatives to abortion. There are people, organizations, and probably family out there to help you! Let them, go to them, pray to God! He will help you no matter what the situation!

Life begins at conception. Don’t allow those who don’t know the truth, tell you any different.

I guess that’s only one issue. There are more that I will cover in separate posts.

God bless!

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