Three posts in one month! That’s a record (almost-especially lately)

Well, it’s been a while since I posted, so I figured since Jeff added the Site Meter (to keep track of how many people visit) to my blog for me, I should post a new one. So, here’s the latest:

Trisha is doing well with her pregnancy. She went to the Dr. yesterday and heard the baby’s heart beat. It was 168. They say that high heart beats means its a girl, and 168 is high. But, Trisha feels its a boy, and so do I. Jeff thinks its a girl because of how she looks. She has sparkly eyes and doesn’t have that tired look. But, when I was pregnant with Trisha, everyone kept telling me she was a boy because of the way I carried her. I knew she was a girl, and I knew what all 4 of my other kids were too, no matter how I carried them, or what the heart rates were. And I was right. We shall see though. We don’t know if they are going to find out what it is, via ultrasound, or not. I don’t think they’ve decided either. I think Trish doesn’t want to know, but Ben does. We shall see how that goes too.

The diet. Ugghhhh. Not doing too well in that area. I’ve lost a couple, gained a couple back, lost a couple, gained it back. That’s because we get busy, haven’t been preparing menus ahead of time like we were and so on. I did go get a 15 minute areobic dvd though. I am going to begin doing that tonight. It’s a “dance” areobic dvd, that I thought would be fun to do and 15 minutes fits in my schedule. Hopefully, that will get me motivated again.

Spiritually. We are doing pretty good in that area (if there is a pretty good-we should always be striving for more of God and always seeking Him). Jeff gets up at 5:30 every morning for his private prayer time, and then at 6:00 we do our daily devotion. And now we just got “The One Year Bible” so we can actually read the bible everyday. I got a new prayer journal too, that I’m going to do for my private prayer time. I used to keep a prayer journal, and it really helped me see how God moved in my life, and where I’ve grown spiritually. I’m looking forward to beginning that.

The move. We are looking to move to Boyne Falls this summer. We are asking God for a big miracle in this area because we have to sell this house first. There is a house in Boyne Falls that is for sale by owner right now, and it appears to be nice on the outside. We went and peeked in the windows. We could only see the lower level, of course, but it looked nice and big. The upstairs appears to have 3 bedrooms and probably a bathroom. There is an additional room on the back of the house, that looks like they added on, for an office or such. We will have to call to find out how much they are asking for it. The kids really like that house, especially Karlie, because her friend Riley lives just a few blocks away.

Six months. Jeff and I have been married just over six months now! That’s pretty exciting! For us anyway…lol. We went to Big Buck to celebrate. We had steak. It was good!

I guess that’s it for now. If I think of any other exciting news, I’ll be sure to hop on the blog!

God bless you all!

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