The Battle of the Bulge is Back On!

So, I am post happy now that I have some time to sit in front of the computer!  

This is on my diet progress, as you probably figured out from the title.  Jeff and I kinda fell off the wagon, so to speak, as far as dieting goes.  But!  The good news is, with South Beach, you can start Phase One again and get right back on.  And so we did!  And I might mention that although we fell off, I didn’t gain any of the weight back that I’d lost!  Yeah!  And since being back on for a week, I lost 5 more pounds!  So yeah!  And although I say we fell off, we didn’t fall completely off.  We still stuck to it somewhat, but we did more Phase 3 eating than Phase 2, which is why I didn’t gain any.  And plus, I think the little break did my body some good, and after one week on Phase one (mostly Phase one, I have eaten a few Phase two things) I lost 5 pounds.  

So, that 5 pounds was a huge encouragement to me.  I feel ready to conquer this weight thing again and really get back to exercising.  Jeff and I, at my suggestion, were going to try to exercise at night, but that has not worked!  I thought it would be a good idea, since I hate getting up in the morning, and I hate exercising, so why do two things I hate at the same time???  Well, we are too busy at night to find the time to work out, so it will have to be in the morning, and I will just have to learn to like it.  And, I have in the past.  I just have to find the right work out.  I really love aerobics, but I can’t find my Pilates Fat Burning DVD.  I think it’s in my DVD player in storage.  But that one was really fun.  I saw a 15 minute Express dance aerobic workout DVD at K-Mart for $10.  I might pick that up.  

Anyway, the battle of the bulge is back on!!!  I’ll try to do better at keeping you posted!

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