The South Beach Diet

Yesterday, Jeff and I started the South Beach Diet. We are in Phase One, which lasts two weeks. You eat low-carb, low-fat foods for the 1st two weeks. It’s difficult to find, well not to find really, but to change your eating habits, and to learn to make foods that taste good and satisfy you. We got the book, and looked up the recipes that sounded good, made a grocery list and went shopping. Last night, we had chicken something. It was really good. Chicken breasts, zucchini, carrots, tarragon and orange peel (the recipe called for orange zest, but we couldn’t find any in the stores, so we got orange peel-I wouldn’t know the difference). Anyway, it was yummy. Tonight we had Savory Chicken; chicken breasts, rosemary, onions, garlic, sautee’d in olive oil. It too was very good. However, I find that I am hungry shortly after dinner, so I snack on nuts, or cottage cheese (1%). It’s pretty good. I feel good eating healthy, and these two weeks will give me a good boost to my goal of losing 40 lbs by May. Now, we just need to add the exercise!!! Arrrrrrggggghhhhhh!!!! Not my favo thing to do, you know! But, if I really want to shed these unwanted lbs. I have to make myself work out. Jeff is a good supporter, and he is encouraging, I just have to make the initiative. That’s the hard part-getting started. Once I get started, I realize how good I feel, and it’s easier to keep up with it, get into a routine. But, once I get out of the routine, it’s difficult for me to get back in. Jeff and I were calling each other in the morning, when we were dating, and getting up and exercising, but once the wedding came along, and all the settling in, then Trisha’s wedding, we got out of the routine. Besides, I have to convince myself to exercise in front of him. I know that’s silly, I know it is, but I am self-conscious about it. Just how funny I look, how I probably don’t do the exercises right, and so on. But, I have to get over that silly fear, and just do it. Anyway, back to finding food for this South Beach Diet. The book is really good at listing what’s allowable and what’s not. It’s just that the things on the allowable list are not what I normally eat (obviously). So, I have to pick a variety of those to keep me satisfied throughout the day, especially at work. I made a Greek salad with low-fat feta cheese, and it was great! Very yummy! But, I need other things to eat with it. Some meat or something. We got a lot of spices and herbs and stuff at the store yesterday, to get started. Now we need to get the other things, the filler things, so I won’t be craving stuff all day. I know today is only our 2nd day, and I know the cravings will go away, but I was dying to eat a piece of chocolate all day! But, I didn’t!!! I did well. The other thing is no caffeine!!!! Arrrrgggghhhhh!!!! I have a headache today due to cutting out the caffeine! But, that too shall pass. I really want to do good with this South Beach thing. I know it is healthy for me, and I feel I will. I just had to rant, since this was my first full day on it!!! Pray for me to stick with it and always look forward to the goal ahead-40 lbs lighter, my husband putting his arms around my middle and me not being self-conscious about it! 🙂

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