I am now Mrs. Jeffrey Lutz!

It’s been 2 weeks and 2 days now! We are still adjusting to living in the same house. Everything is going well so far. There was some adjustment in the beginning, of getting used to sleeping in the same bed. I don’t think I slept very well the first week. Then, last weekend, I worked the Emmaus Walk in Alpena, and it seems that since then, we are sleeping better together. It’s fun! I feel like a 20 year old newly-wed, as opposed to the 40 something I really am! It’s like we are both beginners again. That is a God thing for sure. So, we are enjoying getting to know each other, and like I said, we are having fun.

I had Karlie this weekend. Kaleb had an away soccer game on Saturday and would be gone most of the day, so he didn’t come. It was fun having her here. We did some shopping for the house, using our gift cards from the wedding. She was happy being able to give her input on the house stuff, so it will feel like her house too. Jeff and I know that’s important, to have the kids feel like this is their house too.

Jeff got the computer moved into the living room. Two purposes for that: A) for monitoring purposes, and B) so it frees up the one bedroom that was an office, for one of the kids. Now we just have to figure out how to let the kids choose a room. Right now they are both arguing over the computer room. We tried to explain that both rooms are the same size. The office just looks bigger because it doesn’t have a bed in it!! Geez!

We picked out a nice computer armoir to put the computer on in the living room. It fit perfectly in the space between the stairwell and the closet. And the wood matches the wood trim throughout the house. We also had chosen a nice entertainment center, that matched the armoir. However!!!! The first (yes, first) one we brought home, one of the boards was broken right in half. So we had to take the whole entire thing back. You know how heavy those are???
So, we brought the 2nd one home, and as we were going through the pieces, we notice one of the boards, doesn’t have the holes drilled out in it. And they aren’t just holes that Jeff could drill. They are special fittings for cams and stuff. So, we loaded that one up in Jeff’s truck and he took it back the next morning, and we just got our money back. How frustrating! So, we have the TV on the stand he had it on prior, for now. It was just really aggrevating!!!

But, everything else is going good with us! I’m sure we will keep you posted as time marches on. The trip to Pittsburg for the National Youth Workers Convention is coming up this week. We leave on Wednesday and return the following Tuesday.

Be sure to check out our wedding pics on flickr.com. User name Jery McNutz.

God bless you all!

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