Updates on the Wedding Plans, etc.

Its Labor Day, and Jeff is working. I slept in til 9:00, got up, gave myself a manicure, took a hot bath (as opposed to a shower) and did some extra little pampering things I normally don’t have time to do. It was a nice relaxing morning.

Now, here I am at Jeff’s house (soon to be mine and Jeff’s house 🙂 . I seem to be spending most of my time here now, even when he is not here. Of course I still have to go home to my apartment at night, which is really getting difficult! We are finding that we don’t want to separate, but we must so that we maintain our purity til the wedding night. (2 weeks and 4 days, I might add!!!) So, a struggle it is to pull ourselves apart at night, but we know it will be well worth it in the long run.

The wedding plans are going very well. We finally have a photographer and a videographer…nothing like last minute on those two. But, they both worked out really well! Sharolyn Coonrod is going to do the photography and Chris Scheer is going to do the video. Both are friends from Gaylord Community Church.

We are in the process of getting the ushers attire purchased. We went with Todd yesterday, to Kohl’s, and in the meantime we found pants for Dustin. We may have to go to a Big & Tall shop for Dustin’s shirt however, being he has a 19 1/2 inch neck! And now that Todd has his clothes, he can get Don over to Kohl’s to get his outfit, as well. Then on Tuesday, we are meeting my brother, Cory, at Kohl’s so he can get his. We did manage to get ties for all of them when we were there yesterday, too.

Now, we just have to meet with the music team on Thursday, then just about everything will be wrapped up. I’m getting excited, and nervous. Not nervous about marrying Jeff, not at all. But, nervous about “The Wedding” itself! I just hope it’s as pretty as I imagined, and that we have everything we need, and that we don’t forget something, and that I don’t trip down the isle, and all those things I think brides worry about!

We still have to purchase the ice cream, punch and coffee for the reception. We will have to do that right before the wedding day though. It’s a good thing we aren’t getting married till 8:00!!! I think Thursday, the day before will be the most nerve-wracking! Because, I have to work, but I know I will be thinking of my wedding instead of work! Well hopefully, work will be easy that day!

The next big thing to think about is how to get my stuff moved in to Jeff’s house. I can start moving some stuff in now, but if I have to go home to an empty, and I mean empty apartment, then that will make it even harder to go home to it at night! So, I think I will just keep my stuff there until we are married and then we can move my stuff over here. My lease is good until the end of October, so I don’t have to rush moving my stuff out….thank goodness!

I just want to add one more thing…please keep praying for the victims of Hurricane Katrina. My heart breaks everytime I see pictures of all the people who’ve lost family members, friends and their homes. Please make a donation wherever you can, and please lift them up in your prayers.

God bless you!

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