Wedding Plans, etc.

It’s been a really long time since I last posted! I thought I’d catch you all up on the wedding plans! They are going really well. Jeff and I have bought or ordered all the decorations, cake, clothing, etc. that we need. The only things left to do are find a photographer, a videographer, and go over the music with the people doing music for us. We also haven’t gotten together with Pastor Steve or Rev. Naile yet. We do have an appointment with Rev. Naile this week, Tuesday or Wednesday during my lunch hour; I have to call him tomorrow after I look at my work schedule to let him know which works best.

Jeff is on evenings this week, till Thursday. Our last set of evenings before we are married! Yeah! I don’t like the evening shift because we don’t get to see each other very much. But, once we are married, I think it will be the midnight shift I won’t like. We won’t get to sleep together at night, and I will be gone in the morning before he comes home 🙁 Oh well, that’s life, right?

Back to wedding stuff…
We’ve hand-delivered some of the invitations to people at church, and on the Emmaus Board. Everyone is so excited for us! There were a few of the people at church, that I put the invitation in their mailbox, that didn’t know he had proposed! They are excited for us and it is still fun to see everyone’s reaction. We get doubly blessed by the fact we attend two churches!

I was thinking about that this morning; of how amazing God is when he restores and renews! His word says that He restores things better than they were before and I am a testimony to that! I was thinking about my past marriages. (I’m sad to admit I’ve had 2). There was none of this excitment and anticipation like Jeff and I have. And to see everyone so happy for us is truly a blessing. That just confirms once more that this is God’s will for us.

We really want to get the message across to our single friends, who are lonely, and wanting a relationship, to try to wait, wait on God to bring you the one person he created you to be with. Because then, and only then, will you be truly happy. There are lots of people out there you might get along with okay, but there is that ONE, that God created you for! Just be patient and trust in Him! I can’t help but to keep preaching this because Jeff and I are both living testimonies to this fact. And we are so incrediblly happy! We just want others to experience this as well.

Well, one month and two days till the big day!!!! I’m so excited I can’t stand it! We have a lot of stuff coming up, to look forward to in the mean time, that it will help the time go by faster. This coming up weekend, friends of Jeff’s parents are throwing me a shower down in Holland. That is so nice, and I really appreciate it! Jeff, I and the kids are going down on Saturday morning. The shower is at one. The guys will be going golfing while us females do the girly shower thing. Trisha is coming down as well, but in a seperate car. She is not sure if Ben can make it yet or not, with his work schedule and all. But, if not, she is still going to go down then drive back Saturday night.

Then on Tuesday, Sept 12, some ladies from the Methodist church are throwing me a personal shower! That’s going to be fun and interesting! Oh that reminds me! I need to email Marie my invitation list! I better post this blog and do that right now!!!!!!

God bless you all!

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