Jeff’s Been Gone a Week Now…

…and I have been cleaning and organizing his house! One, to get it ready for his family and friends when they come for our wedding. And two, to get it ready for me to move in!

He has been gone on a mission trip with the youth from FUMC. I didn’t have enough vacation time left, or I would have gone. But, this is the first time we’ve been separated for this length of time, since we started courting. And I definitely miss him!!! Not that I had any doubts that I would miss him! It’s been nice staying at his house, cleaning it, in his absence. So, I’ve been surrounded by “him” in a sense. His house has its own scent that reminds me of him and all his stuff is around. It must be different for him because he has nothing with him that is “me”. I don’t even think he has a picture of me with him….we will have to do something about that. But, he is busy doing mission work, so I know he’s survived fine without me! We have talked everyday, except for one (and now this evening, he hasn’t called me yet), so that’s been nice….ahh the convenience of cell phones! We only talk a few minutes as he is usually heading from one activity to the next when he calls.

They head home tomorrow, and won’t be in until late, so I won’t see him till Saturday, and that will be in the afternoon because he has to jump into his midnight shift on Sunday night, so he will be trying to transition Friday night and Saturday night.

We are going to a wedding on Saturday. The young couple getting married are friends of my daughter, Trisha. Actually, Trisha dated the groom (before he was the groom obviously) in high school. And they have all remained friends.

On another note, its been nice getting mail addressed to both Jeff and I 🙂 We received a nice note from one of the long-time friends of Jeff’s family, Marilyn. She is throwing a shower for me down in Holland on Aug. 27. That is so nice and very much appreciated! And then we got an invitation to Phyllis and Bruce Williams anniversary party! It just makes it all the more real that I will soon be Mrs. Jeffrey Lutz! Yeah!!! I can’t wait!

Well, I should get back to more wedding ideas on-line!

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