Childhood Memories

Granny Hubbard went to be with Jesus, January 18, 2005, sometime right around when I posted my previous blog about her. Then yesterday, one of my co-worker’s Uncle passed away. He was 79, had some sort of mental handicap all of his life, and his passing was quite a surprise. He had diabetes, but other than that, he seemed fairly healthy. They are saying it was a massive heart attack. So, that got 2 of my co-workers and myself talking about family, and kids, which lead us to reminescing (sp) about our childhoods. I tend not to talk about my childhood very much, because of the bad stuff that happened to me and my sister when we were kids. But, today, I was remembering stuff I used to do, things I used to enjoy and so on, and it was all quite good and made me happy to think about! As we were talking, I said to the other 2 girls, “We should write down our childhood memories now, so our kids and others can enjoy them too someday!” So, I thought I’d post some of them; some in this post, and in posts to come, as I remember them.

One of the things I remembered this morning as we were talking, is “Slap Stick” lollypops. I was in 4th or 5th grade and we lived in Waco Texas. The school I attended had some snack machines, and we had time after lunch to buy something out of the machines, if we had money of course. Well, every once in a while, I would have some change, so I would get a Slap Stick. They were carmel, some white stuff, some green stuff and some pink stuff (probably a type of marshmallow cream)on a stick, rectangular shaped. They were so good. It was always a treat to get one! After talking about them with the girls, I was craving one. I haven’t seen them in a long, long time, so I doubt they are still around. I think they should start making them again!!!

One of my other childhood memories is when I was in Jr. High, living in Las Cruces at my Grandpa’s house (which was and always will be my home), I had a next door neighbor for a while, who was my age. Her name is Scena. They were/are Mormon’s and we were Jehovah’s Witness, if you can imagine that!! (Not that that’s relevant to this story, but just an interesting fact.) We used to go in her back yard, and play “Little House on the Prairie”. We had bonnets and dresses and aprons and everything. We had a whole little “house” set up in the yard, made from sticks and other natural stuff from around the property. We’d make mud pies and cakes, and other food! We’d pick pecans off of their pecan trees and pretend they were everything and anything! We even had some dishes we took out there to use. It was great! We’d spend hours out there cooking, and cleaning, going to church, being Laura and Mary Ingalls.

As I more of my childhood memories flash into my head, I will try to get them posted. Once I get to thinking about them, I find I am remembering alot of things I had not thought about in a while. It’s sort of fun and makes me happy 🙂

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