Today is the 4th day of my 5 day vacation. This is the first vacation I’ve taken without going out of town, so it has been different. I sort of feel like I called in sick without being sick! But, I must say it has been a most relaxing vacation. I haven’t done much of anything, which was exactly what I wanted to do, because, frankly, I needed a break. I have been on the go so much lately…with work, church, and other activities, I just needed to not do much, so I could re-group. And with one more day off, I feel as if I have accomplished just that. I began my vacation, Friday, by sleeping until 1:30 in the afternoon. I cannot remember the last time I’ve done that, but I can tell you it’s been a reallllly long time! When my friend, Angel, got off work, which coincidentally happened to be around 1:30, we went putzing around town, and then to our friend Todd’s house and watched movies. Angel ended up leaving, however, because she helped our other friend, Don, make his costume for a contest on Halloween night. So, Todd and I watched movies with our friend Lori, who happened to pop over as well. We watched Scooby Doo 2, Cinderella Story and The Day After Tomorrow. Then I ended up crashing on Todd’s couch because it was too late to go home, and Angel had my car. Then Saturday morning, Todd, his daughter Lexi and I went into town, met up with our friend Lora, who is going to school to be a cosmetologist. We had a hair marathon at her house! Then we left there about 7:00 pm and went to our homes and got ready to go to the costume contest. I just wore Don’s cowboy hat, because I never plan far enough ahead to come up with a cool costume. Though, I must say, I would like to someday. I think it would be fun and I have some great ideas! Anyway, Don didn’t win, even though he really had the best costume. There were mostly devils, and witches, and just scary things, along with a small mix of your usual brides, and bunnies and such. But, Don was a 10 foot tall Uncle Sam. It was great! Totally hand-made (by Angel). So, he really should have won, in my opinion. The next day was Sunday, church day. I had nursery duty first service, so I had to be there before 9:00, and I was tired! But, I was happy when I woke up at 7:00, but really it was 6:00 because I forgot to turn my clock back! That was great! So, we did church, then we had to, well didn’t have to, but volunteered to help set up for the Harvest Party. We got free lunch! (Free food is always a good thing!) So when that was all finished, we (we is Don, Angel, Todd, and whoever else…) went home and got ready for the Party! Some of my other girl friends, talked me into being a Spice Girl with them. I was Sporty Spice. We sang 3 karaoke songs to prove we were the Spice Girls??? LOL. It was fun and we did draw a crowd! (I don’t know if it was our excellent singing ability or our costumes that drew the crowd.) So, needless to say it was a ton of fun. I came over to my friend Tishia’s, who is so kind to let me use her computer! I crashed here, as she is finishing up her vacation as well. We just hung out today. We took her son to school this morning, then we went to Boyne Falls because she had to get something from her brother. Then, we came home, and I showered (had to get the 10 pounds of hairspray out of my hair! And I shower everyday anyway….just so ya know!) , then we were starving, so we went to Big Boy for their breakfast bar. Since I never get to go there on a weekday, I didn’t realize their Breakfast bar is $2 cheaper on the weekdays than the weekends! Anyway! So, then my new friend Jeff (who is probably the only one who will read this, other than Tishia or my sister) came over and he shared his video from the South Pole with us. That was soooo cool! Jeff, if you do read this…thanks for sharing that! It’s amazing to think that people actually go there and live there for a year, to do work and experiments and such. I had the usual questions I think….like did you miss the sun? It stays dark there for 6 whole months. That would be weird to me, but I think I adapt easily, so I imagine I would cope. I live in Northern Michigan, and people who have never lived here or been here, ask how we handle the cold. You just dress for it and learn to get out in it, and do fun things, like skiing or snowmobiling. And it looked like, from the video, that they created fun things to do there too 😉

So, that brings me to where I am right now, typing this blog. I was just surfing the net while Tishia and her son take a snooze. I think I will return to my surfing! For the rest of my vacation, I will see where the wind blows me! Ha! I know I will go vote tomorrow, but that is all I have as a definite plan for right now. I think that I will be refreshed after this vacation, ready to get back to work! Yeehaa.

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