Outward Image

I attended at Business Showcase last night, so I had the opportunity to see some people that I haven’t seen in a few months. One such person was passing by our booth, actually her booth was right across from our companies booth. Anyway, she enthusiastically said to me, “Wow Mary! You look great!” Being that her voice carried above the noise level of the crowd, I was sort of embarrassed at first. She continued, “I have to ask, what have you been doing?” Everything suddenly registered that she was talking about my weight. (My first thought was that she liked the way I was dressed, in my up-to-date poncho.) So, I told her that I have just been focusing on eating only when I am truly hungry, and I totally cut out pop…of course I had to retract that because I have not TOTALLY cut out pop, but I have greatly reduced my intake of the nasty, bad-for-you chemical! (That of course is my opinion of the crap that so many people consume so much of. No wonder we have so many health problems in our society these days…another topic for a post I do believe!) Anyway, I try to stick to water or tea, and of course my 3 or 4 cups of coffee every morning at work! But, my whole point of this post is the outward image…which I am getting back to…I promise.

The outward image…I just think it’s amazing how many people are judgmental of how people appear on the outside. And how accepted you are if you look a certain way, or even dress a certain way (i.e. the up-to-date poncho!) I too have been guilty of judging one by their looks or how they dress. But! As my relationship with Jesus grows, I have learned that he looks at the heart. There is a scripture in 1 Samuel, and I cannot remember the chapter and verse right now…I want to say 6:18, but I am not sure…anyway, it says that man looks at the outward appearance but God looks at the heart. I am so glad that God looks at our hearts. I just hope when he looks at mine that he sees how much I love him and how much I want to grow to be like him and not judge others by how they look, or even how they act. God loves all people, ALL people, no matter how unlovely they may be, or what religion they are, nor what they’ve done in their past. He created everyone for a purpose, his purpose for his kingdom. I just hope that I have overcome the above-mentioned judgmentalism to allow God to use me to speak into others lives!

Well, my lunch break is almost over. It’s amazing what comes out of ones head and through the fingers once one starts typing!

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