More about me I guess

I have so many thoughts, I don’t know which one to write about. My friend, Angel, said to capture one and go from there….that’s the hard part…picking one.

I was going to talk about the message at church this morning. But, it was on marriage. It’s the 4th in a series, on how to obtain a happy life. And studies show that those people who have a happy marriage, say they have a happy life. Well, since I have been married, and since I am not now married, I decided I didn’t want to comment on this subject right now. I must say it was a good message though, and many of the things he spoke about, will be useful down the road (as I hope to be married again someday, when God brings the man he created me to be with).

I also, want to talk about music, because I love music. Music is a huge part of my life! I listen to music all the time; in the car, when I’m sleeping, at work, when I read, whenever I can. Now that I am a christian, I listen to Christian radio. We are fortunate to have a decent radio station that plays christian contemporary music. Some of the artists they often play, and who are some of my favorites, are Third Day, Audio Adrenaline, DC Talk, Newsboys, Delirious, Jeremy Camp, Jennifer Knapp, Rebecca St. James, Jaci Velasquez, etc, etc. I also love praise and worship music, such as Vineyard, Hillsong, Lakewood church. I listen to country now and then, rock, hip-hop, and rap as well.

Well, that’s enough for my random thoughts on this blog. I want to talk about the youth, God, friends, family and everything else…..they will be seperate blogs I do believe.


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