Budgeting Feels Good!

Like my title? Ha! And the reason for the title is…well basically it’s the truth. And even though budgeting isn’t any fun, especially when you don’t have enough money to make ends meet, once you sit down and actually figure out a way to make it all work, it feels good. Do I wish we […]

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Learning to be Content Where You Are

Learning to be content where you are. This is something that God has been laying on my heart for a while now; not necessarily for me maybe, but perhaps for others. Being content where God has me is something that God has taught me and something that I continue to learn. Actually lessons like patience, […]

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What’s on My Heart

Warning: this is a totally random post. Just feel like laying some stuff out that’s on my mind and heart. Nothing big, nothing serious, just stuff, just life. Right now I’m listening to Hillsong, Hillsong and more Hillsong! I got their new CD, Faith+Hope+Love, and loaded into my iTunes along with all my other Hillsong […]

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