My Love for All Things Beachy and Oceany, and Myrtle Beach

So now that I’m getting back into writing and posting more here, you will probably see lots of posts about my love for the beach and ocean! I’m so obsessed with all things beachy and oceany! LOL.

One of my favorite places so far is Myrtle Beach! Back in 2015, I had made reservations for my church leadership group at a hotel and they offered me an inexpensive trip to one of 5 or 6 places. Of course there was a timeshare presentation we had to listen to in order to get the discounted price. I thought, “we can listen and just say no”. LOL. I chose Myrtle Beach because, A. it was the only beachy place to choose from, and B. because I had never been there. I looked up flight information and we were able to get super cheap flights, too. I booked the trip for our anniversary/my birthday in fall. It was February, so I printed off our reservations and flight info and gave it to my hubby as a Valentine’s Day gift.

It was amazing. 

We really enjoyed all the sights! We rode the Skywheel, stepped in the ocean, sat on the beach, and explored our surroundings. One of our favorite places is Murrell’s Inlet. We went to the Marsh Walk for dinner on our last night there, and wish we would have discovered it earlier during our trip.

Our trip to Myrtle Beach was short this time, but we’ve since returned for a little longer stay. As I mentioned above, we had to sit through a timeshare schpeel, and though we went in with our “no brains” on, we ended up purchasing. (Insert eye roll, lol) However! We Love It! It works really great for us and we’ve used it many times! It’s a points based program, so we pay for points and can use it any time, anywhere. We’ve been back to Myrtle Beach, Orlando, and even Vermont so far. We have a Disney World vacation booked for the fall with the kids and grandkids. Our resort is so close to Disney, it’s saving us money by staying at our timeshare instead of on Disney property. We can also book through RCI resorts and our points convert if we decide to go that route. And if we don’t use our points for the year, we can transfer them to our IHG Rewards Account and use them for hotel stays, flights, car rentals and much more! We actually transferred some points and were able to book a weekend getaway earlier this year!

My hubby and I are returning to Myrtle Beach in just a few weeks. I need to get out of the cold and in the warm ocean air! I’ll write a post about our trip and probably do some reviews of the restaurants and other attractions. We are going to try to rent a boat and do a boat tour in the hopes of seeing some dolphins and other sea life!!!

I’m also obsessed with sea shells!!! I collected a few on our last trip to Myrtle Beach, and hope to find some more this trip. We hope to book a trip to Marco Island soon, too, which isn’t far from Sanibel, which I hear has an abundance of sea shells! 🙂 I’ll keep you updated on that as well!

What is your favorite beachy spot? Do you collect sea shells too?

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