AVON Go-Getter Cruise 2014

We just got home, late last night from the first annual Avon Go-Getters Cruise! It was amazing!!!!

The purpose of the cruise was to learn from the best in Avon, SEUL’s (aka Senior Executive Unit Leaders). So, the 2 days we were at sea, we attended workshops with presentations from various SEUL’s. Basically, it was SEUL school…and it was very inspirational and motivational!

My friend and upline, Liz and her hubby went, as well as my friend, Alice and her hubby (who is also Liz’s son) went. We left last Friday and drove to Detroit in a snow storm to get on the airplane. We landed in Tampa about 1:30 pm. And though it was “chilly”, it was sunny and beautiful! 56 degrees felt like summer to us!

Florida sunshine!

Florida sunshine!

We got a free shuttle from the airport to our hotel, which was in St. Petersburg. My daughter works for a Marriott resort, so we got her wonderful discount! After settling into our hotel rooms, we got a shuttle to a nearby shopping center and had dinner at a restaurant called BJ’s. It was phenomenal! Service, drinks and food was fantastic! After dinner, we walked over to Target and picked up a few items we “needed” for the cruise.

Good food, good drinks, good times!

Good food, good drinks, good times!

The next morning, we got up, had the shuttle take us to Starbucks for coffee and a quick bite. The shuttle then took us to the airport, where we got a Taxi to take us to port to board the ship. We sailed Royal Caribbean, Brilliance of the Seas. Boarding was fairly easy and didn’t take long at all.


 Once we were on the ship, we walked around and took some pictures….lots of pictures. The views were so fantastic! And ships are something we don’t see everyday, so we were taking in as much as possible. Jeff loved being on a ship again and I certainly didn’t mind! LOL.

We had our first dinner on the ship in the main dining room and met our table mates for the entire cruise. Jeff and I had the amazing pleasure of sitting with two SEUL’s who also were speakers the next morning, Lori Yanuck and Charlotte Popp. Jeff picked up right away that Lori was from Western Pennsylvania by her accent. Everyone at our table was fun and I learned a lot just from dining with them!

The next day, was a sea day, so it was SEUL school day! We got up early and didn’t grab breakfast or even coffee! Gasp! Lori and Charlotte both spoke that morning, along with a couple others. After the morning session, we had an hour and 20 minute break. By this time we were out to sea and the temps were rising. The sun was warm and the sea was amazing! I didn’t want to go back and sit in an enclosed room….I wanted to be outside in the sun! So, I decided I could skip the next session, since it was on men in Avon anyway. Then I decided I could skip the next session and the next. I really wanted to go, but I really needed the sun more! LOL.

I did go to all of the sessions the next day at sea, when we were returning back to Tampa. 🙂

Jeff and I decided we would do the 7 Mile Beach Break on Grand Cayman Island. It comes with a complementary drink. Ha. We also spent $37 on 2 burgers and fries. LOL. Before we arrived at the beach, we got a tour of the island, which was beautiful, but I would rather have spent all the time on the beach.

The next day, we went to Cozumel, and again we chose a beach excursion. This one included unlimited drinks and food! It was the best! We got to relax and swim, get some sun and sand on our toes!

The last day at sea, I attended the workshops and am so glad I did! It was cooler outside and I gained a lot of inspiration and motivation from all of the speakers. My goal is to make SEUL by campaign 15!!!!

Oh, also, I’m going to paint the interior of our house in colors inspired by the Caribbean! 🙂 I want/need it to feel warm and cozy and beachy! 🙂

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