My Journey to Being Who God Created Me to Be

Well it’s been a busy morning around here. I’ve been updating all my blogs and social networking sites with a new photo and just making sure all my info is up to date. And basically just freshening things up a bit. So, I thought I would blog! Ha! Once again, it’s been too long since I’ve posted anything here. Ugh. I guess I’ve just not been inspired to write lately. Probably because I’ve been so busy with my Avon business and the youth ministry.

Anyway, my Avon business is growing like crazy lately, customer wise, that is. I’ve been working on my marketing strategies and it seems to be paying off. I do need to get out and do more prospecting though!

On another topic, Jeff and I have been the youth leaders of Life Church since January of 2012. We both feel things are going really well there and we are seeing growth both spiritually and numerically in our youth. We are both working on delivering effective and relevant messages to our youth, which is a step out of my comfort zone for sure!

Weight loss wise, I’m back on track and have lost 24 lbs since the end of September. October 1, I started using My Fitness Pal and have lost 18.8 since then. I’ve basically cut out sugar and wheat from my diet and it seems to be working. I also try to stay below 60g of carbs per day and eat lots of protein. So far, it’s been working and I don’t feel deprived of anything. Once in a while, especially since the Holidays, I’ve wanted some crap, but for the most part I am doing pretty well eating healthier.

Jeff and I are going on a cruise in January!!!! I can’t wait for warm weather, sunshine, and blue ocean water!!! And my youngest daughter is getting married in June! So, two great incentives to lose weight, right?! Plus I just want to look and feel good!!! 🙂 Fit and fabulous by 50 is my new motto, lol! Ugh, did I just say 50??? Not looking forward to THAT! Better than the alternative, I suppose. LOL.

Here are some before and now pictures of my weight loss journey so far. The one on the left was taken this summer and the one on the right was taken in November, when I had only lost about 15 lbs or so. I’ll take more later, when I’m feeling up to it. LOL

1059229_10151659309848851_1825830769_n me-11.16.13

Well, that’s about it for now. Just wanted to send out a quick update to you all. Have a very Happy New Year!

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