Losing Weight, Budgeting and Resisting Temptation

What do losing weight, budgeting and resisting temptation all have in common? They all require Discipline!!! Why am I thinking about them all right now? Because I’m trying to lose weight, have been budgeting for about 3 months now and we were talking to our youth group about sin and temptation recently. Last week at youth group, one of the students asked, “Why is it so difficult not to sin?” Or maybe it was more like, “Why is sin so fun?” I answered it with something along these lines:

It’s just like dieting: It takes discipline to eat healthy, make time for exercise, and to resist things that aren’t good for you and that will make you gain weight. It’s easy to eat whatever I want whenever I want and to not think about it. However, it takes a lot more effort on my part to eat things that are good for me and not-s0-fattening, and to actually think about what I eat. Same with budgeting: it’s easier to get paid and just blow the money on whatever I want, but it takes discipline to sit down each month and to plan where to spend the money and actually stick to only spending it on pre-designated things. But in the long run, there are rewards for your efforts. With dieting the rewards are: longer life, feeling good about yourself, looking better and feeling better. With budgeting the rewards are: not stressing out whether you’re going to have enough money to make it to the next paycheck, paying down debt so you can live debt free life, knowing where your money goes, being in control of your money instead of it controlling you, saving for emergencies, and having true financial peace and security.

You can look at sin the same way: sure, it’s easier to give into your temptations and sin may even appear to be more fun. But, there are many, many rewards for not giving into sin and temptation. For instance, if you remain pure until marriage, you don’t run the risk of pregnancy outside of marriage or an STD. If you don’t indulge in drunkeness, you don’t run the risk of drunk driving, DUI’s, or becoming an alcoholic. If you resist lying, you don’t run the risk of getting caught in a lie or being mis-trusted. I could go on and on, but I think you get the gist of it.

What are your thoughts? What areas in life do you find it most difficult to discipline yourself in?

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