Day 2 on Weight Watchers

Hi there. Just thought I’d give you all a quick update on how it’s going so far since I started Weight Watchers 2 days ago. I know it’s only been two days, but I think updating here regularly will help keep me on track and accountable. These first 2 days have been pretty easy as far as keeping track of my points and not going over them. I haven’t felt too awful hungry, though right now I am kind of hungry…but it’s midnight so there’s no way I’m going to eat this late at night. I’ve got my water by my side, and I know as soon as I go to bed, I will be fine.

The last two days I’ve done pretty good as far as healthy choices go. I usually have a high fiber bar and coffee for breakfast, then about 11 or so I might have a bowl of oatmeal. I really enjoy cereal but haven’t had any yet. I know I should buy skim milk, but just haven’t yet, so I haven’t indulged in cereal, other than oatmeal.

I’ve chosen some fruits and veggies over other snacks and I only had one of my famous tacos, that my hubby actually made…lol.  But, they are 9 points each, and one is plenty. Before I started WW, I actually began thinking about portion sizes a lot. I don’t know why in the world we think we have to eat so much. I think the fast food industry has fooled us into believing we have to eat a lot in order to be satisfied. Balonie!!! If you eat smaller portions of food throughout the day, not only do you keep your metabolism going, but you also get a lot more variety. I love eating a small, healthy snack and then a couple hours later, another one. I feel more energized and I love the added variety I get.

Anyway, I’m feeling pretty good about myself…oh except for the lack of exercise. 🙁 Really gotta get back at that, back on my schedule.

How are you doing at your weight loss or other goals?

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5 Responses to Day 2 on Weight Watchers

  1. CorrieNo Gravatar says:

    Mary – congratulations on your weight loss adventure. I have been on Weight Watchers for a little over a year and it’s been great. I have lost 58 pounds so far. I have 24 more pounds to go and I’m hoping it will be gone by the end of the year.

    I know you can do this Mary. Stay positive, stay focused, and keep the final outcome in your mind and you’ll do great!
    .-= Corrie´s last blog ..New Welcome Video =-.

  2. MaryNo Gravatar says:

    Thank you Corrie for the encouraging words. I’ve been watching you shrink over the last year, and you’ve also been an inspiration to me. Wow 24 pounds to go! You go girl!!!!

  3. TooManyHatsNo Gravatar says:

    Great job! I love Weight Watchers it really makes sense and doesn’t make me feel deprived all the time. I had a hard day on Thursday with my food – kinda went off the wagon so to speak – ugh! But, I am back in the saddle now and hoping my Monday weigh-in isn’t too awful. I have run about 30 miles this week even with all the rain we have had, so I feel good about that.
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  4. CourtneyNo Gravatar says:

    Congrats on joining Weight Watchers. I joined about 6 months ago and am down about 20lbs. It’s slow going but it works. Plus I’m learning great eating habits. I don’t think I have ever as healthy before as I am now. Of course, now my kids are eating better now too.

    Looking forward to hearing about your accomplishments.
    .-= Courtney´s last blog ..What Can you Do with PLR Articles? =-.

  5. I eat cereal every morning (I love the Special K cinnamon and pecan cereal) but I will NOT use skim milk – can’t stand it, makes me wanna gag. I use 2% and it’s only 3 points for 1 cup of it which isn’t bad. I’m waiting for your weigh in video…hint hint hint 😉

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