Chosen Youth Conference 2009-Gaylord, MI

It’s amazing how quickly time goes by when you’re having fun! We just wrapped up another weekend at the Chosen Youth Conference. If you don’t know, I’m a coordinator for the conference, meaning I help with some of the planning and organization. My official title is Production Office Manager which basically means I am in charge of printing materials such as signage, schedules and forms, setting up registration, coordinating volunteers and coordinators for the event, and managing the office before and during the event. Though it’s very tiring by the time the event is over on Saturday night, it is very rewarding and I feel blessed and┬áprivileged┬áto serve.

The youth of our nation need and deserve to be served with events such as the Chosen Youth Conference. If you’ve never been to a youth conference or would like to know why it is important, keep reading.

The vision of James Scheer, founder of Rock Your World Ministries and keynote speaker at Chosen, is to see this generation have a true encounter with God. When someone experiences a true encounter with God, it is a life changing event. You cannot be in the presence of God without change taking place. James is the Youth Pastor at our church and was called to youth ministry at the ripe young age of 19 or 20. He’s taken several groups of youth out in the mission field, ministering to other youth through Rock Your World Ministries. Today, he continues to reach out to the youth in our community, as well as to the youth in other communities through the Chosen Youth Conferences.

Though Chosen has been compared to Acquire the Fire, it is not the goal of James Scheer or Drew Spanding (Program Director) to be another ATF. It is their heart’s desire and vision to maintain the intimacy achieved at Chosen by holding smaller events in local churches.

During the conference, several different types of media are used to reach the students, right where they’re at. Through music, from worship to Christian Rock, through videos that are humorous and serious, and through messages that are relevant for today’s youth, the speakers and musicians all have the same goal: to see this generation empowered and motivated to reach out to their peers with the message of Jesus Christ.

Everyone who is involved in the production of Chosen is a volunteer with a heart for this generation. Many of the volunteers are already youth leaders, serving in their local churches. Many of the volunteers come on board because they too have a passion to see this generation changed and have a tangible encounter with God whether it’s their first or their 10th.

If you’d like to have Chosen come to your church, email

Below are some pictures from this weekend’s event, plus some of the volunteers who make Chosen happen.

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