Weekend Retreat on Burt Lake

This weekend, Jeff and I were amazingly blessed to be able to stay at a beautiful lake house on Burt Lake in Indian River. A couple in our church owns the lake house and has allowed us to use it in the past for youth retreats and for other church work related stuff.

Last year we had the retreat the same weekend as this year, which happens to fall during the week of our anniversary. But this year, with the high school Homecoming dance and other events our youth leaders needed to attend, our retreat ended up being a great time to fellowship with each other on Saturday night. But, Jeff and I were blessed to be able to spend the weekend there, alone for most of the time, Friday through today.

It was so nice and relaxing. I don’t know what it is about being by the water, but I find it very peaceful and serene. When Jeff and I arrived Friday afternoon, our Youth Pastor and two other youth leaders were there, relaxing as well. We visited for a bit, then they left. It was dinner time, so Jeff and I headed into town and decided to hit a nice family¬†pizzeria¬†called Vivio’s. It was delicious! We ordered a large so we could bring some home for a snack or meal later.

After we ate, we went to the little grocery store and got some food for breakfast and lunch as well as some snack food. Then we headed back to the lake house and just chilled all evening. Some of my favorite things about the lake house are: the decor, the king size bed and of course the view. I’m not an interior decorator but I believe a good description would be traditional American. Lots of American symbols such as stars, red, white and blue, flags and such. There are even some antique decorations used as picture frames and plant stands. It’s very clean and not cluttered, which contributes to the peacefulness.

The view from the deck

The view from the deck

As for the bed, oh my! It is huge…to me anyway. We have a queen size bed, but there is such a difference between the size of a king and the size of a queen. They have a foam mattress on top of the regular mattress which makes for a very cushy, comfy nights rest.

As I mentioned earlier, when we arrived on Friday, there were other people there. One of those people is a little prankster and I should have thought she would play some practical joke on us. When Jeff pulled the quilt back on the bed, he noticed the bed was made weird. Neither one of us thought about the fact that our prankster friend would have done it. We just fixed the sheet and climbed in.

The next day, when everyone came over, she asked if we liked the sheets. Haha! I should have known she would do something to us. The bed didn’t have a blanket on it so it made it harder to disguise that she short sheeted the bed. Too funny.

Saturday evening all the youth leaders that could be there showed up between 4 and 6. We grilled burgers, had yummy cheesy potatoes made by my prankster friend (no she didn’t sabotage the potatoes), creamed corn, and apple crisp made from apples Prankster and her associate picked the day before. It was delicious!

There were two rounds of Euchre going on and I’m proud to say my team won 2 out of 3 games. We were supposed to play the winner of the other table, but because it was Prankster and our ADD/Sanguine Youth Pastor playing, they took like 2 hours to finish their 3rd game. By the time they were done, it was late and everyone was ready to leave. Oh well! It was still a ton of fun.

Jeff and I stayed up till like 12:30, me playing YoVille (of course) and Jeff was watching TV. We got up a little after 9:00 this morning, cleaned, packed and got ready for church. We finished the danish we got for breakfast and even had time to stop and get coffee on the way to church this morning.

After church we came home, had brunch and took a nap. It’s so funny how after such a relaxing weekend, all we wanted to do is relax some more. It’s hard to get out of that mode! Prankster and I were talking at church today about how we need a week at the lake house! That would be nice.

Jeff has been off all week using up his last little bit of vacation time for this year. Tomorrow he goes back to work on midnights so he is transitioning. He will be staying up all night tonight. I will stay up as late as I can, but I have a doctor’s appointment at 10:20 tomorrow…my yearly. Yuk.

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  1. Tishia LeeNo Gravatar says:

    Sounds like you guys had a fabulous time! Yes there is definitely something so peaceful and serene about being by a lake. I just feel so peaceful when I get to spend the weekends hanging at Kelly and Angel’s Lake House!
    .-= Tishia Lee´s last blog ..Tell Me Thursday =-.

  2. VadsalaNo Gravatar says:

    Thanks for the kind words about my dolls. I was so surprised I could only stand there and sttetur!As the lone non gamer in a house of gaming males I think you’re definitely on the right track about online gaming. My son reads his heart out when he is grounded from his electronics, but it’s hard to get him to pick up a book at other times. But either way, the kid has TOO much imagination!Thanks for coming back to Conduit!

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