My Busy Summer

me and rhonda

I just thought I’d needed to do an update here on my personal blog since I’ve been so busy this summer that I haven’t had time to maintain it. I’ve been keeping up on my other blogs by scheduling posts ahead of time, but this poor one has been so neglected…lol. When I logged in I had 5 plugins to update, plus I needed to update to the latest version of WordPress. Now that that’s all out of the way…

This summer has been crazy, fun, but crazy. Let’s see. It started around the end of May when we had the Chosen Youth Conference in Sault Saint Marie, Ontario, which was amazing. You can read all about it here.

The day before we returned home from Canada, my sister and her family arrived at my house from New Mexico. They were here for almost a month! It was so great to see her, the kids and her hubby. While they were here I set up a WordPress site for my brother in law’s finishing business and taught my sister some things about working from home, WordPress and social networking. My sister and I have a blog called Open Talk Mom. You can read about the visit here.

Let’s see. After my sister left, we celebrated the 4th of July in Mackinaw City, which was new and different for us. Then at the beginning of August, my hubby’s family from Oregon came to visit for a week. The day they left, my very best friend of 15 years came to see me with her 4 kids from Missouri.

Both visits from Jeff’s family and my BFF were GREAT!!! I really enjoyed getting to know Jeff’s sister and brother in law a little better. The only time I’ve met them was at our wedding, almost 4 years ago. We had a great time chillaxin’ here at the house with them and Jeff’s parents, as well as hitting the Polish Festival near the end of their trip. The weather was pretty cool most of the time they were here so we didn’t go to the beach with them, although they did go one day on their own.

My BFF’s visit was fun! It was so great to just hang out with here and get some Rhonda and Mary time. She just had surgery (a hysterectomy) and needed to get out of the house. Her hubby had to work so she brought the kids up to Michigan. Her family is all here, so she started her vacation in Alpena at her grandparent’s. Then she came west and spent 4 days with me. This is the first time she’s been able to stay at my house when she’s been her, so it was nice being able to spend ALL the time with her. I feel bad that she didn’t get much sleep; the air mattress kept deflating in the middle of the night and it was hot.

We also hit the Polish Festival while she was here, went shopping, and I got my nose pierced. Yes that’s right, I got my nose pierced. I’ve been wanting to do it for a long time and she was the one who finally convinced me that I’m not too old. Ha!

Speaking of too old, I will be 45 next month. Aaaaaggggghhhhhh! I hate saying that. It’s half way to 90!!!! Mine and Jeff’s 4 year anniversary is the day after my birthday and I’m really hoping to do something fun, romantic and exciting. One year, Jeff and I won a night’s stay at the Chippewa Hotel on Mackinaw Island, so we used it on our anniversary. It was sooooo nice!!! It was romantic and very relaxing. I doubt we will be able to do anything like that again since we can’t afford it, but some sort of little getaway would be great! We will see I suppose.

So, now I am getting back into the work mode. I have some client work all lined up and my other BFF Tishia will be coming over Monday to work as well. She is in the process of moving back up here from downstate and her place doesn’t have high speed Internet yet. That will be fun!

Other than that, Ethan (my almost 3 year old grandson) is potty training. He is doing quite well at it! Sometimes he waits till the last second to tell us he has to go and then runs to the bathroom, but at least he knows when he needs to go.

Dylan (my 11 month old grandson) has been taking his first steps and since I haven’t seen him in a couple of days now, I bet he’s doing even more. They grow up way too fast!

Karlie will be starting her Senior year in high school this year. Booooo. My baby will be graduating. I wonder what it will be like not to have kids in school anymore?!? Weird.

I guess that’s about it for now. Below are some pics from Jeff’s family visit and my BFF’s visit. Enjoy.

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