Weight Watchers Weekly Weigh-In Report

42-15614327Today was my weekly weigh-in for Weight Watchers and I’m happy to report I lost 1.6 lbs this week! That’s a total of 13 lbs. since Jeff’s mild heart attack in April, and 9.2 since starting Weight Watchers April 28. It’s coming off slowly but surely, but at least it’s coming off!

The past couple of weeks I haven’t done real great at keeping track of my points. I do need to get back into the habit of recording them because it does keep me in line when it comes to eating. I must say, however, that though I haven’t been keeping track online, I have been much more conscious of what I eat and how much. I still made healthier choices than I would have before, and I quit eating as soon as I felt the slightest twinge of fullness.

As far as exercise goes, I was way more active than normal; we walked all around Alpenfest for 3 days, shampooed carpets and helped my sister in law move into her apartment. The week before that, Trisha and I got ready for our garage sale which entailed cleaning out the shed and other various parts of the house, plus the 3 or 4 hours each night setting up. Jeff and I did get out and walk once this past week, but I really want to step that up to a minimum of 3 times a week. Jeff’s goal is 5 times a week, and I will make that mine too as soon as I start getting in 3 times a week regularly.

Trisha needs to come over so we can measure ourselves again. Haven’t done that in over a month now. (She has the measuring tape-lame excuse, I know!) I also want to take new photos and compare them with the ones we took when we started Weight Watchers. I know I’ve lost inches because all my clothes are fitting much better and some are even too big. I tried on a pair of capri’s that have been hanging in my closet, which are a size down from what I currently wear, and while I could button them, they were a little tight. As Karlie put it, “they look like how your clothes used to look”. So, I’m not quite down another size yet, but close. I am down a size, just for the record, from Jeff’s heart incident however.

I will keep on keeping on. I like how I’m feeling, and looking.

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