Weight Watchers Journey

BBE084Yesterday was weigh in day, but I forgot, so today I weighed myself and I was soooo excited!!! I’ve been battling my weight for 2 months now, with small, but steady results, so when the scale showed I lost 6.2 pounds I was so happy!!! I’ve lost 11 lbs. since Jeff’s mild heart attack in April. Last week I had a gain of 2.6 lbs, and was slightly discouraged, but I knew I had eaten badly during the Big Ticket and while my sister was here, and didn’t keep real good track of my points. This past week I did better at tracking, and plus I think my body finally just let go of some of the weight. I think I lost it all in my legs though, which is the last place I want to lose it from cuz my ankles look really skinny today! LOL. Oh last week’s weight gain was probably also due to the fact that I was getting ready to start my monthly.

So, that’s my exciting news for now! Oh, probably next week we will take measurements again because I think we were supposed to this week. Anyway, I will update you with those results when we do.

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