Visit from my Sister and her Family

me and sis

me and sis

This morning was a sad morning. My sister who was visiting us from New Mexico, along with her family, left for home today. She arrived May 31st when Jeff, Karlie and I were in Sault Ste. Marie for the Chosen Youth Conference. They made themselves at home until we arrived the next day.

When I walked in the door to my house, my sister and I hugged for a very long time. It’s been 6 long years since I’ve seen her and we both cried.

The temperatures were quite chilly upon their arrival, but slowly they rose to over 90 degrees so we got some good beach time in. One hot day, we took all the kids to the beach for 7 hours! We both look like Bob the Tomatoe from Veggie Tales! LOL.

Part of the reason my sister came to visit us was because her daughter, Kara, who’s been living here for a couple of years now, graduated high school, as well as my son Kaleb. They also came to enjoy the Big Ticket Festival, and were a blessing by volunteering. My sister’s husband Frank was blessed to be able to be a stage hand on the main stage. He got to help set up and tear down as all the different bands arrived and left. He was one pooped puppy when it was said and done, but he loved every minute of it and others were saying what a blessing he was to have up there and that he really knew what he was doing and so on. Frank couldn’t have been more thrilled or blessed!

My sister helped me with the Chosen promo booth and the Chosen Merchandise booth. She was a huge blessing to have there as well. She was able to see most of the bands she wanted to and got some photos and autographs, as well as some cd’s and t-shirts. Her daughter Katie and my daughter Karlie volunteered by selling BTF programs. It’s a great thing to see our kids helping out like that!

Other than that, we just enjoyed each others company and I showed her some stuff on the computer and about affiliate marketing and working from home. She already has a website, Open Talk Mom, where she talks about living with MS and Diabetes and other issues such as being sexually molested as a child and so on.

I am sad to see them go, but we are planning a trip to New Mexico in the Spring of 2010. Jeff has never been there and it’s been way too long since I’ve been home!

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