The Best Mother’s Day Gift

Well today is Mother’s Day. I must say so far it’s one of the best Mother’s Days I’ve ever had and the day is only half over. 

Today my 18 year old son, who lives with his dad, came to church with me, on his own free will!  I didn’t ask him to come or anything. Out of the blue last night he texted me and asked what time church was. I told him and he said “See you then”. It was nice having him there again. He used to attend with me when he lived with Jeff and I, but since moving to his dad’s over a year ago, he’s not been in church at all.

Then when we got home, he made everyone pancakes for lunch. Yummo!

Tonight my oldest daughter, her two boys and hubby are coming over as well. We are going to grill burgers and play games. 

The best Mother’s Day Gift, for me, is spending time with my family!

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