Using the Internet for Weight Loss Success

As most of you know and for those who don’t know, I am fat! LOL. Not funny that I’m fat, but do you like how I just come out and say “I’m fat”? Well I am. I love everyone who says “You’re not fat”, but come on, I am about 80 lbs overweight and have had it. I’m over it. I am ready to get this extra poundage off and start eating healthy and exercising!!! I’ve already started and have been doing it for 3 days now.

So, what am I doing to lose weight? Oh, you want to know? Okay! No, not some fad diet (I hate the word diet anyway!) and diets don’t work. Oh sure you might take off some weight, but unless you really change your eating habits and lifestyle, you aren’t likely to keep it off. I’ve successfully lost weight in the past on those diets, but obviously I didn’t keep it off. Why? Because I didn’t change my thinking about food and what I was putting in my body. I knew what I could and couldn’t eat and how much I could eat to take the weight off, but I didn’t stick to a healthy eating plan after I took the weight off. For some reason I thought that once I was at a decent weight, I could go back to eating like I was and wouldn’t gain it back. How silly is that?! Have any of you ever done that??? And quite frankly I get tired of eating “diet” food. I got tired of measuring and counting and all that stuff you have to do on a “diet”. When I am hungry I just want to get something that tastes good to eat! Period.

Well that’s where the mindset has to change! And that’s where meal planning comes in. A little thing called discipline. I wish I had one of those personalities where I planned everything automatically, it was a way of life for me. But, I don’t. I have the personality type where I am spontaneous, fly at the seat of my pants on a wing and a prayer. I do have a little bit of planner in me, but the spontaneity usually over rules the plan. I am good at thinking things through to see the most likely end result and I am organized but I like to have fun, and often if something fun comes up, it over rules doing something not as fun.

What I’m getting at is meal planning is an effort for me. Planning meals ahead of time takes a conscious effort and I don’t always take the time necessary to plan meals properly like I should. But, I am going to work at!!! This week when I went grocery shopping, I picked up a ton of veggies for salads, and I made a big bowl of salad that is convenient for lunch or dinner. That’s what I had yesterday as a matter of fact, for lunch and dinner. For dinner though I added some ham and turkey and cheese for extra protein. It was yummy!!! And easy, since the salad was already prepared!

There is a great article called Healthy Weight Loss Success you can get for FREE here: Free New Years Success Pack for Moms. There are also other great menu planning ideas and guides there you can check out as well!

I’ve also been keeping a journal on a social networking site (Ning) called Open Talk Mom. I’ve posted my before picture (what I look like now) ugh, and on my blog there I posted my current weight and my goals. I’ve been journaling every day what I eat, how much water I drink and any exercise I’ve done (not much!!!). I will tell you that having that picture is a BIG motivator for me!!! I hate looking at it!!! You can join Open Talk Mom Ning site as well and use it to record your weight loss progress too, meet other mom’s who are losing weight and all kinds of fun stuff!

I also went to Weight View and had a virtual weight loss picture created for me. Using the “before” photo I mentioned above,Weight View created a picture of me 50 lbs thinner. I have it on my desk top. Weight View is free to use and you can get a picture of you with whatever amount of weight you want to lose too. The highest they go is 50 lbs. though. But, what a difference 50 lbs. makes!!!

Another thing I’m doing to help motivate me is I receive a weekly newsletter from Your Total Wellbeing. It’s free as well. Yep free! When you go to that page, a pop up box will appear where you sign up to receive the weekly newsletter in your email. They have great tips and recipes to help you on your way to a thinner you! You also get a free 32 page ebook all about metabolism; what it is and how it affects you!

Good stuff that will help get you started, keep you motivated and reach your weight loss goals!!! I encourage you to click on all of the links above and check out all the free information available to you, literally at your finger tips!!! I did and now I’m motivated and really on my way to weight loss success!!!

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