Make Money while you Shop on Line

Before I started my Christmas shopping this year, I joined Ebates. Ebates is a website that pays cash back for any shopping you do through their site. They have thousands of popular stores and some great ones you may not have heard of. It’s very easy to use too! All you have to do is bookmark Ebates in your favorite browser and everytime you do any shopping on line, go to Ebates, find the store, or search for a specific product. Once you find the store you want to shop at, click on it through Ebates and you will get an automatic tracking ticket and then directed to the store you chose. Once you make a purchase at that store, Ebates tracks it and in a couple of days, credits your Ebates account according to the cash payout percentage. The payout percentages are shown on the page with the list of stores on Ebates. Ebates sends you a big fat check every quarter or credits your PayPal account.

Signing up is simple and quick, so go to Ebates now and start earning cash back now on all your online purchases.

I’ve already earned a nice little chunk of money from my Christmas shopping, and now I will be doing more of my shopping through Ebates as well. A lot of the stores on Ebates have every day items we use at discounted prices. So, in addition to earning cash back you will also most likely save money using Ebates. You have nothing to lose! There are no strings attached, so be sure to click on Ebates whenever you do any on line shopping.
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