Thanksgiving-the day after

Hope you all had an awesome and thankful Thanksgiving. Here’s the wrap up of ours.

Making our Thanksgiving feast was much more relaxed this year. We planned on eating at 6PM because Jeff had to work until 5. I got up at 7AM, took my shower and put on capri’s and a t-shirt. It always gets way too hot when I cook, especially all day. I began by making a pumpkin cheese swirl pie, butternut apple casserole, cranberry relish and greenbean casserole. I also peeled the potatoes and put them in water in the fridge to cook later for mashing. Then I prepared and had both turkeys in the oven by 11:30. After that, I arranged the tables, set them and did a little Holiday decorating. By 1:30 I was able to take a little break which was awesome. My mom and niece arrived about 3 or 3:30 with the pies and beverages. We set those up and then started the potatoes, baked an acorn squash, made yummy stuffing and started warming up all the previous things I made.

Jeff got home at 4:45 which was a nice little surprise. Trisha and Ben showed up about 5:30, with more mashed potatoes…lol and rolls. Somewhere after Trisha and Ben arrived, when I was right in the middle of switching hot dishes in the oven, Trisha told me Karlie jumped off the stairs and hurt her foot pretty bad. I went to the front room where Karlie was lying on the couch, crying. Evan, her boyfriend of a month now, was sitting next to her, comforting her as best he could. We looked at her foot, which had a spot on it that looked like a vein was going to pop out of it. She could move it though it was tender to the touch and painful to put weight on. We determined we didn’t need to take her to the doctor just yet, but decided to wait it out till today, to see how it was. It’s the same, only more swollen and blue where the puffy vein was, only in a larger area. Kaleb brought his crutches over this morning so she can get around without hopping everywhere. She is keeping it elevated and icing it and we will see how it goes over the weekend. If it’s still too painful to walk on then we will take her and have it x-rayed.

After all that excitement, we prayed and had the long-awaited for dinner. It was delicious, if I do say so myself. Both turkeys turned out good, moist and flavorful and all the other dishes made the feast complete.

After dinner and clean up, 3 dishwasher fulls, some of us played Guesstures. For those of you who don’t know, Guesstures is a timed, cherades game. You choose 4 cards from the deck, each card has 2 words you can choose from, you put them in this holder that looks like one of those things that directors use (you know, they smack it together and say “Take 5″…I obviously don’t know what they are called…lol). Anyway, each of the cards falls one by one so you determine the order you’re going to act them out from easiest to hardest. We just played for fun and didn’t keep score. Jeff hung out with the boys, except for Brandon who played Guesstures with Mom, Kara, Trisha and I. Karlie and Evan watched The Holiday upstairs, while resting her foot.

Everyone left about 11 I think and we hit the sack. Overall it was a nice Thanksgiving, except for Karlie’s foot. Today Karlie told me that Evan felt bad about her foot because he was chasing her, which was why she jumped down the stairs. She told him not to feel bad because it was her choice to jump.

You’ll have to read a post one of the other sites I write for on our thoughts of Evan. But, I will say this; we really like him!

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