More Thoughts about the Election

We all know who won the presidential election and if you read my previous post you know how I feel about it.  Over the past few days, I’ve had time to think about it.

  • Although I have strong feelings about Obama being president of our nation, God’s word tells us to pray for our national leaders, so that is what I am doing and going to continue to do.
  • I also believe that God’s word tells us that He puts our national leaders into place for a reason.  So, I am trusting God, not man.  I just pray that Obama’s heart is open to receive from God and then act.
  • I’m really sad how our state (Michigan) and country are voting for ungodly values and morals like embryonic stem cell research and legalized marijuana for medicinal purposes. The second one I’m sort of torn about because I think if marijuana can help ease pain and such, then why not. But, when I look at the statistics from other states that have already legalized it, I don’t think it’s a good idea. There have been increases in robberies and thefts, murders and so on. 
  • It also concerns me that the road this nation is heading down with its ungodliness and immorality that we will no longer be able to say "God bless America".  I truly believe the reason God has blessed America is because we built this nation "under God".  He’s been our covering, our protection. If we take God out of our nation like we have our schools and other public places, He will no longer bless us or protect us.  Look at Sodom and Gomorrah in the bible.  Those cities became so immoral and Godless that God destroyed them.  Think about it people.
  • If people don’t like what I’m saying or how I feel, well I’m sorry. I’m not sorry for saying it or feeling it, but I’m sorry for you and our nation.  I will be praying. This nation needs to turn back to God and our leader needs to be led by God. 
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