Holiday Countdown

In the Spirit of the Holidays, I added a countdown to Thanksgiving and Christmas. You can see them on my sidebar.

With the snow hitting today (first snow of the year!) I am really in the mood for Christmas! Karlie and I were singing Christmas songs on the way home from church! I wanted to start decorating for Christmas, but I won’t until Thanksgiving.  I will deck the house out for Thanksgiving for now though.  I just love the family time, the food, the parades, and yes, even football on TV.  I told Jeff last year that it doesn’t feel like Thanksgiving unless the football game is on.  Not that I watch it, but something about it playing in the background.  It must have always been on when we went to my Aunt and Uncle’s house on Thanksgiving.

I’m watching the papers for sale items I can buy ahead of time and freeze or are canned for the Thanksgiving meal.  I already have some whipped topping on my grocery list for this week since it’s on sale.  Figure I can start stocking up now so there’s not a big budget crunch the week of. The good thing is after Thanksgiving we will have lots of leftovers to feast off of for at least a week!

I don’t know about you, but I love the leftovers!  I love to make hot turkey sandwiches, with the gravy and mashed potatoes, stuffing and cranberry sauce.  I love cold turkey sandwiches with mayonnaise. And then a turkey casserole with the remainder of the leftovers mixed together and warmed up! YUM!

Well, only 17 days and some odd hours now! Can’t wait!!!

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