My Mom’s Lingo

My daughter Trisha and I were just sitting here talking about my mom and her lingo. My mom is from New Mexico, and has lived in Texas and other various states. Somewhere along the line she has developed her own lingo that she uses regularly, as part of her everyday language. It’s pretty funny. Here is a list of our favorites:

Jalopy (car)
Pocket book (purse)
Bed Roll (sleeping bag)
Ice Box (refrigerator)
Cradle Board (car seat)
Hamburgesa (hamburger)
Casa (house)
Goom-a-bada (good bye) (she made that one up all on her own!)

How about a sentence or two?

“Go get my pocket book out of the jalopy please.”
“There is some hamburgesa in the ice box.”
“Alyssa’s cradle board is in the casa.”
“Can I stay at your casa? I will use my bed roll.”
And last but not least, when we hang up from a phone conversation she always ends it with, “Goom-a-bada”.

We love you Mom! Life wouldn’t be the same without you and your lingo!

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