If You Came To Our House

If you came to our house. . .

You would see:
Lots of people and babies, a hairy black dog, computers and other gadgets, and musical instruments.

We’d probably feed you:
My homemade tacos (which are the best they tell me), or steak or chicken on the grill or order BC Pizza.

And offer you this to drink:
Ice Water, Milk, or juice, sometimes a soda

We’d undoubtedly ask if you’d read:
Velvet Elvis, Messy Spirituality, The Bible, or any youth worker books.

We’d want to play this music for you:
Jeff would choose Project 86, Thousand Foot Krutch, POD or Five Iron Frenzy. I would choose Hillsong United, Michael Gungor, David Crowder (Jeff too!), Delirious, Kari Jobe or Jesus Culture. The kids would choose Jack Johnson, Ingrid Michaelson, Blindside, or an array of other bands I’m not too familiar with yet. Or Karlie might sing for you while playing guitar and Brandon would “scream” for you.

We’d want to tell you about:
Ethan (our grandson) and Alyssa (our great-niece), youth ministry, raising teenagers, living life for God.

We’d probably suggest a game of:
Euchre, Boxer’s or Briefs (if Trisha was over too), ImagineIf, Scene It, or Scrabble

We would definitely show off:
My new laptop and Jeff’s new eeePC; our new landscaping our son-in-law did for us, Ethan and Alyssa.

We might get on the computer and show you:
Our Flickr photos, my new website for my business (www.provbs.com), our You Tube videos, or the weather (afterall Jeff is a meteorologist and is frequently asked about the weather).

If it was a long enough visit, we might watch:
Star Wars (all 6 of them!) Juno, or whatever NetFlix movie we have at the time, or a fire burning in the fire pit.

What would a visit to your house be like?

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Thanks Lisa, this was fun! One of my favorite posts!

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