Graduation Open House Hopping

Last Saturday, June 14, was Graduation Open House Hopping Day! Was it ever fun!!!

We were invited to 3 open houses by students from our church and youth ministry. The first one we hit was Vanessa’s.  Karlie, her friend Dorenda, Kara, Alyssa and I, hopped in our blue mini-van and headed to Gaylord at 1:00 in the afternoon.  The weather was perfect; blue skies with temps in the 70’s.  When we arrived Vanessa was busy having her picture taken with some friends.  So, we went on into the garage, placed the gift on the table, and hit the buffet of chicken, salad and desserts! We stayed at Vanessa’s for about an hour and a half. Our friend’s Nick and Sandy brought their brand new 1987 motor home so we could  all  party hop together!  Now that Karlie has her driver’s’ license, I hopped in the ’87 motor home with the gang as we headed to Dustin’s.  

When we arrived at Dustin’s we were greeted by a house full of friends and family.  We made our way out the sliding glass door to their beautiful back yard.  They had a breakfast buffet, but I didn’t eat much there because I was still full from Vanessa’s.  After visiting for about another hour and a half, we loaded up the motor home and headed to Nick’s.  This time Kara and Alyssa rode along.  As we made our way to Nick’s, we all decided we needed to give the ’87 motor home a name.  We were coming up with all kinds of names, especially names of songs and movies from the 80’s.  We didn’t decide on a name yet, and figured we should vote on the name.  I guess that will be a future venture!

Trisha, Ben and Ethan were at Nick’s when we arrived, playing basketball.  We hung out, ate some more, played by the water, and played volley ball (well Karlie played volley ball).  We stayed here for quite a while, passed the set 6:00 time, but Dawn, Nick’s mom, didn’t seem to mind. It was a good time.  We piled in the van and headed home after a long, but fun day, of Graduation Open  House Hopping.

Here are some pics from the day!


Alyssa, trying to grab the camera


My friends, Angel and Chris


Barb, Sandy, Cheri and I (youth mom’s)


Our Youth Pastor James, Nick, Terry and John

Awesome youth leaders!


Cheri and Alyssa


In the ’87 motor home


Ashley and Luke – motorin’


Alyssa, lovin’ the motor home ride


Ethan, playing b-ball!


Ethan, playing in the water


Karlie, Dorenda and friends

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