I LOVE Windows LiveWriter!!!!

I am currently creating my new website for my new VA business ProVBS.com and wanted a way to make my WordPress theme more "me".  I knew there had to be a way, and as I was reading some posts in FriendFeed from ProBlogger, I discovered there are blog editing programs out there! Just want I needed!  I downloaded Windows LiveWriter, installed it and started using it write away! I revamped my website and now I am writing this post from it!  It’s amazing!  It lets me change the font and font colors, inserting pictures and links is a breeze, and there’s so much more I haven’t tried yet, but can’t wait to! 

If you need a website, I’ll do it for you!  Well, technically ProVBS will do it for you!  Just contact ProVBS via email, mary.lutz@provbs.com, or go to my website ProVBS for more contact information. Plus you just need to check it out!

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