Youth Ministry "facts"

Here is a post from Marko of Youth Specialties that I thought was “true” and very funny! I thought I’d share. Go read the post before reading my comments below 🙂

Now mind you, our Youth Pastor, James, does not have a goatee, nor should he ever have one! I’ve seen him try to grow a beard (in Africa) and no, it’s just not James. What James does have going for him is his height, he’s 6’8″, so I think that replaces the need for a goatee. And besides, Jeff does have a goatee and is a youth leader in our youth ministry, so that makes up for James not having one….LOL. Of course this is all fun and games, and I know James is trying to steer away from the typical youth pastor/youth leader/youth groupie type of stuff, and he does a good job at it! Probably because he can’t grow a goatee….just kidding!!!!

As for the rest of Marko’s post, the part about after-retreat or after-mission-trip breakups, is so true! And, it also happens after the Youth Pastor gives an awesome talk on dating and relationships during “Love Fest”! We had at least 3 couples break up in our youth ministry and decide they want to focus on God instead of each other, or at least that was their reason at the time (I won’t mention that some started focusing on another girl or guy shortly thereafter).

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