My Life at This Moment

Catchy title?  Eh, maybe…lol.  I just wanted to take a moment to blog about my life right now…my thoughts…whats going on in my head and my life!

To begin with, I am temporarily unemployed!  And I’m LOVING it! Not the lack of money part, mind you, but the time I have to spend at home, and doing other things.  Like being able to run the kids around.  Although that can get on my nerves sometimes because I am spending time running around, instead of at home.  I love being home because, when I am there, my house gets cleaned!  I spent the first few days of my lay-off doing just that!  I cleaned the family room, the kitchen, the office and the living room.  A few days later I finally got to our bedroom.  I still need to clean out the file cabinet, the junk drawers (I have 3 of them!), and my closet.  Then I will feel like my house is truly clean!  A feeling I cherish!  And to keep the house clean, I’ve set up a cleaning schedule for each of us.  There are 6 of us living there that are quite capable of cleaning and there are 5 basic chores that need to be done everyday.  And if each of us does just one small chore a day, the whole house will stay clean.  I left dusting and cleaning the bathrooms for everyone to pitch in and do on the weekends.  So far, the house has been much cleaner than before, due to the schedule, and not!  I’ve found that just having the schedule (or list of chores that need to be done everyday) on the wall, has prompted each of us to keep the house cleaner.  I also believe it has to do with the fact that since I got the house really clean to begin with, we all liked it so much, that it has made each of us feel like keeping it that way. Either way, it works, it gets the job done!  I like it!
The other thing about being laid off is that it’s prompted me to really look into starting an at home business.  I really like my job and will continue to work there, but we still need something to supplement our income.  
It’s been on my heart to start a Virtual Assistant’s business.  A Virtual Assistant is an outsourced, online secretary.  There are many different niches a VA can focus on such as document publishing, website updating, website design, billing, Real Estate, etc.  My main focus will be (hopefully) website updating and design, with document publishing.  I’ve never created a website (yet) but I’ve always said, “With the right software, I could do anything!”  So, now I’m searching for the right software!  
So far, I’ve looked at Dreamweaver, Adobe Creative Suite 3 and MS FrontPage.  MS FrontPage seems to be the least expensive so far, but I’m not sure about all it can do for me.  I don’t want to be limited on what I can do for my customers by my software.  I still have to do some research on it.  It looks like, according to what I’ve found so far, that there is a new version of FrontPage coming out, and it may have a new name.  We will see.
Other things on my mind, in my life are…AFRICA!!!! Here we come!  One week and a day away!  I still have to find some pajama shorts and t-shirts.  I only have pants, and I know in the summer here in Michigan I HATE to wear pj pants, so I know I will hate them in Nigeria.  I’ve looked at Wal-Mart so far, and have only found bright, character ones that are so not me.  I will search elsewhere.  Also, I still have to get the OTC medications like Immodium AD, Pepto Bismol, a water pill for the flight there and back so my ankles don’t swell, band-aids, insect repellent, and whatever else I can think of!  I need to lay out all the clothes I have picked out to wear and make sure I have everything…especially enough shirts!  I heard from a gal who’s gone before me, that you don’t want to wear your shirts twice!  I can imagine why not!  And I need to figure out my luggage.  We can take one carry on, and one suitcase.  I also need a small bag to carry in Nigeria with my bible, notebook, camera, small deodorant, small toothbrush and toothpaste and tissues because we don’t get to go back to the hotel and freshen up much.  We will have long grueling days ministering in the 90 degree heat and humidity!  I can’t wait! LOL.
I have lots more on my mind and going on in my life, but this is getting long, and I need to get some lunch!
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