Holy Spirit filled Wednesday Night Youth Service

As I said in my previous post, we had an awesome night this passed Wednesday at youth group.

Pastor James spoke on what it means to be truly converted, and pointed out the difference between being “saved” and being “converted”. When you are converted, there is a daily rethinking of your thoughts and choices, there is change in your life, attitudes and your everyday life. It was a very good and precise message for our teens. I think about 75% really dug into what he was saying and the message he was conveying.

Then Pastor Steve (senior pastor of Gaylord Community Church) spoke on the gifts of the Holy Spirit and how and who can receive the gifts. It was incredible! I was so moved by all the student’s that were willing to stay for the message. About the same 75% mentioned above. (After James spoke, he dismissed any who didn’t want/couldn’t stay for the “Holy Spirit” message.)

Pastor Steve explained about how God poured out His Spirit on the day of Pentecost as described in the book of Acts in the bible, and how that same Spirit is available to us today, for those who ASK. So, after about 20 minutes or so of explanation, Pastor Steve asked if there were any who wanted to received the Holy Spirit. About 90-95% of the student’s that stayed for the message, went up to receive the Holy Spirit! I was so moved just to see all those that are hungry for more of God in our youth. Then to watch as God’s Holy Spirit moved in their lives at that moment. Now I can’t wait to watch as God’s Holy Spirit does more in their lives DAILY! It’s going to be so amazing, and I feel our youth ministry has gone to the next level, and will go on to be a awesome and amazing youth ministry!

Be praying for us, for our youth ministry because we know the devil doesn’t like what is happening, especially to this generation, so we need to prepare our student’s and our ministry team leaders.

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