My Diet

As you may or may not have read, I started the Revival Soy Protein Diet. I really want to lose weight and get on the road to healthiness before I leave for Africa, March 27. I started out about 2 weeks ago, just drinking a shake in the morning, having a granola bar for a mid-morning snack, a piece of fruit, or a small bowl of oatmeal for lunch, another small snack for mid-afternoon, and a regular dinner. Then my Revival products arrived a week ago Saturday, so I began having a shake for breakfast, some of the soy nuts for mid-morning snack, a Revival Soy Protein Bar for lunch, some Revival Soy Chips for mid-afternoon snack, and then maybe some more nuts if I need them for late-afternoon snack to hold me over till dinner. And for beverages, I have water and black (yes, black!) coffee, and an occasional diet soda. So, I decided to weigh myself Saturday, being that it had been a week. Guess what? I didn’t lose a pound! Nor did I gain anything, but my weight is exaclty the same! I was kind of disappointed because I feel thinner. My fingers feel smaller, my waist feels a little different, my ankles look smaller, and even Karlie commented that my “turkey-gobbler” (my double chin) looks smaller. So, I was hoping to see the scale down a few pounds at least. But no. But, I’m not giving up!!! I am guessing the reason I didn’t lose any weight is because of my low thyroid. My Dr. told me a year ago that I had low-thyroid and I was on medicine for it, but because I didn’t want to go back to the Dr. until I lost some weight, and got my border-line high blood pressure down, I didn’t (bad…I know!). Plus I went off the pill, which I was certain was causing my low-thyroid issue. Well, now that I’ve been trying to eat better but didn’t lose any weight in the first week, I am certain that it’s my low-thyroid. In the past when I would eat better I would always lose a few pounds in the first week, so it’s pretty disappointing. But, like I said, I’m not giving up! The soy protein is the most complete plant protein, and its supposed to help level out your hormones, your blood sugar, your cholesterol, etc. etc. So, I am A. going to go to the Dr. to get it all checked out again, and B. I am going to continue the Revival Soy Protein plan. The other thing I noticed while on is that there is a whole separate plan for weight loss. It’s They have complete 30 day plans with all the bars, shakes, snacks, skin cream, and vitamins you need for weight loss. So, while the regular soy protein shakes, bars and snacks are awesome and have great benefits for you, I have a feeling the ones on the diet plan are lower in carbs, etc., because there are totally different flavored shakes, bars and snacks on the “diet plan”. I will have to talk to Jeff about doing that specific plan, because it is more expensive than the regular shakes and bars we’ve already bought. But, if it’s going to be my food for a month, that will be money I won’t be spending on other food. So, we will see!!!

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