Christmas, New Year’s and Life

Hello all! As usual, its been a while since I’ve blogged. I’ve been busy with work, and life.
We had a good Christmas. The kids really seemed to enjoy their presents, and I know Jeff and I enjoyed ours. Christmas Eve, Mom, Dustin, Jenny and her two boys, Cory II and Gary, were over and we played our usual white elephant game. I got a froggie massager, some Dove underarm care (a razor and some deodorant), a nice picture frame, and a scratch off lottery ticket. It’s always fun to play that game, to see what you will end up with. I did end up making a couple of trades with Dustin in the end for some smelly good bath stuff. I did have some Adidas men’s deodorant, so we traded. It was a good trade, good trade.
Christmas got started a little late because Ben had to work till about 10:30 am. We had continental breakfast. Brandon and Christina came over too. Ben, Trisha and Ethan stayed the night, and Kaleb and Karlie were here as well for the night. Mom, Dustin and Cory ended up coming over in Christmas morning. It was nice having everyone here. That’s what Christmas is all about! Family.
New Year’s Eve is actually Ben’s birthday, so we will go to church then we are going out to lunch with him and his mom and dad, and of course Trisha and Ethan. Then we are going to our friend’s, the Chaffee’s, for our traditional New Year’s Eve party! I call it traditional because I have gone there several years now. Not all in a row, but I think I’ve brought in at least 5 New Year’s there! They are awesome people. Help out with the youth, like Jeff and I. So, we have quite a bit in common.
Tomorrow, we are going to Grayling to a new youth center there called the Matrix. Ben’s band is playing. It should be fun. One of Karlie’s myspace friends, Niki, is going to be there. I think her parents are heading up the Matrix, helped start it, or something.
In other news, please be praying for my son Brandon. He got into more trouble. That’s all I want to say on here about it, but just keep him lifted up in prayer. He really needs Jesus to take over his life.
God bless you all more abundantly than you can imagine!
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