Mary and I are now Grand Parents!!!!

Hi All!

I’m trying to get this out to family and friends, so if you don’t see someone on the list or see that they have a wrong email address, please forward this to them.

Ethan Stefanic was born around 600 am Saturday September 30, 2006 weighing 7lbs 0 oz. Trisha is doing fine and Ben is now trying to rest since he has been up since 500am yesterday when he went into work. He was on his way home when Trisha called him.

I have a couple of half hour old pictures that I will try to upload to Flickr soon. I have to find an computer to download the pictures that has internet connectivity.

Wow! I get married and have 4 kids, then marry the eldest one off in about a month, who then makes me a grandfather soon after Mary and I celebrate one year of marriage (not to mention I turned 40 in there as well)!

Praise God!

More soon!!!


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